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this night time temp

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justasinger posted 4/18/2014 08:09 AM

Ok, seriously, night time temp needs to get above freezing... Ducklings are driving me nuts. Just got a dozen new peking's. Well, a few weeks ago. They are big enough now that they can go outside, but not til the night time temps stay above freezing.

This is them in the tub a while ago.

justasinger posted 4/18/2014 08:23 AM

Here's one from this morning in their "home"... (a kiddy pool in the attic)

tushnurse posted 4/18/2014 09:00 AM

I feel your pain.
We raised 21 ducklings from 2 day old hatchlings until they could fly in our home one winter. They arrived the day after Christmas when they were small and cute they lived in two dog crates in the dining room. when they outgrew that they lived in an ingeniously made pen in our basement.
We used a chainlink fence kennel, put plastic sheeting on the floor, and spread wood chips. Gave em a warming light, and used a plastic kiddie pool in the middle to feed and water them.

We FINALLY banded and set them free March 25th that year. It was a long 3 months. They were stinky, noisy, and shit their own body weight about every 10 minutes. Requiring frequent cleaning of the pen, and the birds. We would put them in my Jacuzzi tub once a week to get clean, and swim. It was such a mess. Yuck.

Deeply Scared posted 4/18/2014 10:35 AM

They were stinky, noisy, and shit their own body weight about every 10 minutes

Are you sure you weren't raising Pomeranian's?

FaithFool posted 4/18/2014 10:38 AM

justasinger posted 4/18/2014 11:41 AM

I love duck eggs, so that's why I've got ducks. Had them two years ago. I find that if I give them a bath every other day, the smell doesn't get very bad, but we do go through a lot of bedding. (wood chips, I love that smell) Well, not really a lot, still on the first bag, and that's been 2 and a half weeks on just this bag, I think I have two more kennel cleanings with it. I've got a 200 sq foot shed that is used as a coop, and a 500 sq ft chain link area for their outdoor area. I only have Peking's, and they can't fly (and their eggs are about double the size of a jumbo chicken egg). We've also got horses, and am seriously considering a cow this year. Working on a couple of pigs too. No, I'm really not a farmer, I swear...

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