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Cholesterol and a healthy diet

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Lionne posted 4/18/2014 11:15 AM

I'm calling out to my SI experts once again. My SAFWH is a smart guy, but oh so stupid about some
Things. His total cholesterol is controlled with a high dose of a statin but his good cholesterol is low, his triglycerides somewhat high, but not crazy high. He is about 20 lbs overweight, stress test good, no diabetes. Mother died of complications after failed heart repair at 72. She did have diabetes.
His diet is atrocious. He uses high amounts of butter, trans fats galore. He'll eat an ocassional vegetable or fruits, prefers it in juice drink form. His beverage of choice is large amounts of diet coke.

I need simple, Compelling, reasons possibly with links to articles, why he shouldn't be relying on meds to control his cholesterol and his BP. Oh, forgot to mention that. It doesn't help that my numbers are all good without meds.


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pmal64 posted 4/18/2014 11:27 AM

I think it is like alcoholism. unless someone wants to change, they won't. you can ply a person with all kinds of information, it won't make a dent until the person wants to change. and changing your diet is very hard. bad for you stuff tastes good. good for you stuff has weird textures and doesn't taste like that stinking processed stuff in a box or a wrapper or a can.

my step dad had various problems, his answer to it all "they have pills for that, you know?" needless to say, he died 3 yrs ago...

(real butter, is good for you, btw)

sorry, I am not much help. I am trying to change my lifestyle and am also trying to take FWH along too... it is not always easy.

google Terry Wahls. She is a Dr. that healed her MS thru diet. "Minding your Mitochondria" is her book

Lionne posted 4/18/2014 11:36 AM

I don't disagree with you. My plan is to present him with information and then let it go. I cannot control this. I can say it one final time, with supporting information.

Real butter? Again, agreed. But he overdoes it BIG time. Think large pats of butter on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

FaithFool posted 4/18/2014 12:54 PM

For some people a true health emergency is the reality check it takes to make them realize that change is for the best.

For others, they never get it and will suffer from ill health until it kills them.

I've been eating fairly cleanly for so long that when I eat junk it just makes me feel horrible, so that tells me a lot.

Gave up fizzy drinks years ago, worst thing for teeth with receding gums, the ascorbic acid just eats the roots and that can mean tooth loss.

The aspartame alone in diet sodas is enough to do serious damage.

He'll change when and if he wants to. I'm sorry you have to deal with it.

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Dreamboat posted 4/18/2014 13:25 PM

I also have very low HDL (good cholesterol). The truth is that there is currently no drug that can boost your HDL. And it is the low HDL that is a killer (literally) rather than high LDL or overal cholesterol. It is the HDL that "cleans" the gunk out of the blood vessels (in very non technical terms)

There are 3 things that help increase HDL
* Exercise - at least 30 minutes for 3 or more days a week; The more the better
* Fish oil/Omega 3 - eat salmon 3 or more times a week or take the capsule daily
* High doses of Niacin - either OTC or the prescription strength Niaspan

If he starts doing the first 2 things to help his HDL, then it will also help with LDL and his BP.

Lionne posted 4/18/2014 13:29 PM

I know. I have him taking fish oil when he remembers, I cook fish often. That is the best I can do. He has a horrible reaction to niacin. He tried all forms.

Thanks. I'll try to get him out walking again.

Dreamboat posted 4/18/2014 13:45 PM

He has a horrible reaction to niacin. He tried all forms.

Do you mean the flushing? If that is his only reaction then tell him to quit being a baby and deal with it! I KNOW how bad flushing is. I literally feels like 100,000 ants crawling on you and biting you while you are staked out in the desert at 120 degrees. I fucking sucks. I HATE it. But I deal with it because Niaspan really really helps my HDL. And the good news is that the longer you are on Niaspan, the less often you get flushing. So you just have to push thru it for the first couple of weeks and then it is not so bad.

Ask him if he would rather be uncomfortable for 10 minutes every few weeks or dead at 60. If you have kids, ask him if he would rather avoid the flushing or see his child get M and have kids? My motivation is my DD who just turned 17. I am the only parent she has (X lives in another country and rarely sees her). She would be lost in this world without me. Her father already abandoned her; I cannot risk abandoning her too.

I understand his resistance. I resisted Niaspan for a long time because of the flushing. But my HDL was 17 and nothing else was helping. Niaspan alone increased it to 23. Then I finally got serious about exercise and fish oil and it is now at 26, which is still lousy but better than 17. My goal is to break 30, which is still way below the "low-normal" level of 40.

seekingright2013 posted 4/18/2014 13:46 PM

I like this guy, Caldwell Esselstyn:

He's a surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, so no quack.

Also, the China Study guy, T. Colin Campbell:

Also, if you have netflix, check out "Forks Over Knives", and
"Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead".

It all boils down to going plant-based. Cut out meat & milk. Oh, and added oils.

My BP is 100 over 70 and my total cholesterol is 120. My A1C is slightly elevated (6.5) but hopefully once I've lost the last 20 lbs, that will improve. (I am down about 35 lbs. over the last two years.)

This way of eating isn't for everyone, but I like it a lot. I want to have a healthy old age; both my parents died relatively young (63 and 70 -- well that sounds young now, I'm 53).

It helps a lot that I cook for myself and my kids only -- no man demanding meat. My kids used to complain when I started eating this way. My response: "You'd eat it if you were in a concentration camp!" They get meat at their dad's and when we eat out, if they want it.

Just a different perspective, hope it helps :)

Lionne posted 4/18/2014 13:56 PM

SO much is genetics. My total C is 120. My good is 80. My BP runs 90/60. I'm a meat eater, LOVE red meat, allergic to chicken, only eat flounder, no "good" fish. My BMI is 22.

But I still eat in moderation, love fruits and vegetables, exercise, I'm small so prone to osteoporosis, enjoy my one sweet daily. I pour salt on everything, if i dont, my BP drops and i get dizzy. I drink tons of water. My father was healthy till the bitter end in his late 80's, not sure exactly how old as he was an immigrant with no BC. My mother lived much longer than she should have, high BP, high C, lung cancer, alcoholic, depression, etc. She died at 80.

I will definitely look at that film.

Lionne posted 4/18/2014 13:58 PM

@Dreamboat. He was on the Niaspan for almost a year. The flushing only got worse with no improvement to his numbers. It was strange and frustrating.

Dreamboat posted 4/18/2014 16:27 PM

The flushing only got worse with no improvement to his numbers. It was strange and frustrating.

I saw that too when I was not taking it consistently. It was hard to force myself to take it when I had just had a really bad flush. So I would skip a day or 2 and then start again and then get a bad flush and stop, ... rinse and repeat.

I am now on the highest dose that the Dr will prescribe. It took about a year to get me up to the level and each time it went up I had to fight thru a few weeks (or longer) of bad flushing. I have been on this dose for probably 18-24 and I cannot recall the last bad flush that I have had. I do flush and it seems to come in clusters, but now it is a little over heating and tingling rather than the 100,000 ants. My point is that your body will get used to it, but only if you take it consistently. Otherwise it is like resetting the clock every time.


(And I hope my previous post was not to harsh )

tushnurse posted 4/18/2014 18:32 PM

I would be more concerned about the low HDL. THE ONLY WAY TO RAISE IS EXERCISE.
It's a great time of year to implement an evening walk. Star with this together. Men are much more responsive to little changes to correct numbers.
Get him to google transfats are plastic. This may wake him up on that eating plastics and thinking what they would do to you sometimes is an eye opener.
He has to want to make the changes though. But I would start with small changes when they become habit add a couple more. This is the most successful technique for people that are resistant to change.

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