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WH holding me back

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Giddy posted 4/20/2014 19:37 PM

Does anyone have any idea to why WH is ignoring all correspondence including settlement offers .
I tried to come to some agreement with him without solicitors started to talk about it - then be ignores me again - solicitor has sent out an email and hard copy to his work which he is also ignoring - she is sending another to threaten court proceedings next - He did this and dosnt have contact with me or kids - why not get this over with ?? He is living with AP and has since d- day near 9 months ago . He was telling me and the kids to move on and we r but he is holding me back !! He can just decline offer but just ignores any requests . ?

norabird posted 4/20/2014 19:59 PM

If I were to put on my amateur psychologist hat, I would say that perhaps the extreme shame of his actions cause him to be incapable of facing any of the fallout or logistics that make plain just what he did, ie abandon his family.

Taking that hat off, it's because he's an asshole. FTG.

Ostrich80 posted 4/21/2014 01:49 AM

Sounds like norabird got it right..I agree especially with FTG...abandoning his entire family...horrible

Merlin posted 4/21/2014 05:57 AM

The legal system usually offers some remedies for delaying tactics like this.

Have your attorney press to end this.

Giddy posted 5/2/2014 07:01 AM

Can anyone advise me or have gone to court themselves for settlement does this usually amount to a lot of money or even WH dosnt show ? He will not cine to an agreement . He finally sent a message saying rent or sell ? If I'm moving . But then won't discuss it . It's driving me crazy - he contacted my solicitor by email telling them they had been ill informed regarding his address because I have everything go to his work address and gave them a shared PO box that is shared with the whore .

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