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Opening old wounds

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risingfromashes posted 4/21/2014 20:36 PM

The original lawyer I hired to represent me in the divorce was so corrupt that my subsequent lawyer does pro bono work for me.
There is a hearing in 3 weeks in front of the Board of Arbitration. This woman was held in contempt of court for her behavior and had the balls to charge me for her appeal! I was not party to her wrong doing.
Spent tonight pulling up divorce bills and other documents to bring to the hearing. Came across explicit evidence of the exass's involvement with hookers. Yeah like that is going to give me sweet dreams.
I kick myself sometimes that I did not notice the lawyers over billing (80 hours in one week for paralegal work?) but then I had to hospitalize my youngest daughter 4 times for cutting. My thyroid went berserk and I was trying to survive on no income.

There is a special place in hell for some people.
In the meantime I feel like shit.

TrustedHer posted 4/21/2014 21:06 PM


norabird posted 4/21/2014 21:12 PM


Please forgive yourself for not noticing the billing oddities when you were under so much stress.

I am sure you will do great at the hearing.

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