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Hubris: Excessive Pride or Self-confidence

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industriousbee posted 4/21/2014 21:21 PM

So I had a realization tonight: I would feel more eager to try to get over WS affair if we moved to another state. Has anyone let their pride get in the way of R? Another reason why I feel like this would help our situation too is he would be working at a different job (OW still works at the gas station right by his job). He has access to a job in another state and has asked for me and dd to start over with him there. I am pretty burnt out on what I have been doing the last 6 years for work myself so the idea sounds exciting for me. We also sold our marital home and the money is available to either reinvest in a new home together or we can split it up. It actually already is split equally in our own separate bank accounts. I am on such a roller coaster of either D or making it work. I cannot be in Limbo much longer.

DepressedDaddy posted 4/21/2014 21:35 PM

Oh, you used that dreaded word "limbo." That feeling sucks. Ambiguity is the worst thing in all of this. Just know you are not alone. As many on here have recommended for me, you need to take the decision into your hands and not let him hold the control. If you can't go on, then know that that is the decision you need to make. If you still have any hope in your heart, do what you need to satisfy it.

Sorry you are in this position. You didn't ask for it. Stay Strong.

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