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Signing in ten minutes

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sunsetslost posted 4/22/2014 07:53 AM

I'm sitting outside a UPS store waiting on STBX. We will sign and notarize divorce papers. It will be, God willing, the last thing I have to do. The legal process doesn't bother me. The marriage was over when she slept with another man. I did occur to me that this is likely the last time I'll ever see her. Such a strange thought. I'll be moving out of state in a month. On to bigger and better things. I feel relieved to be almost done but there's grief there, too. It's gonna be a strange day.

Williesmom posted 4/22/2014 08:01 AM


It gets better.

nekorb posted 4/22/2014 08:04 AM

Sending you strength.


WeepingBuddhist posted 4/22/2014 08:08 AM

Good luck today!

IrishLass518 posted 4/22/2014 08:09 AM


gahurts posted 4/22/2014 08:20 AM

Hope it goes smoothly.

Don't worry if you feel bad a bit. It's OK to morn what was lost and what could have been. Tomorrow begins the rest of your new life.

sunsetslost posted 4/22/2014 09:11 AM

There's grief, of course. Everything was fine. She actually had the guts to say something about "our misfortune". I smiled, kissed her on the cheek and walked away. Then I turned in my resignation at work. I burn more bridges before 10 am than most people do all day.

Thanks for the support

SisterMilkshake posted 4/22/2014 09:15 AM


On to bigger and better things.

eta: Wanted to add that you are a pretty remarkable person, too!

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DepressedDaddy posted 4/22/2014 09:59 AM

Hope it went smoothly!

ETA: I just reread you recent post...glad it went smoothly

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hexed posted 4/22/2014 10:05 AM


some days its just time to burn it all down and start over.

My X and I did the same thing at a store last summer. We were actually joking a bit about thing and the poor kid at the desk made a comment about what a great couple we were just about a minute before he notarized our D papers AWKWARD!

Then my X made a quip about wanting 1/2 of the $10 it cost to get them notarized. I quipped that I wanted half of the $250 filing fee. He shut up and we walked out and went to our cars and drove off... yep, these things often end with wimper.

Enjoy your new life!

DepressedDaddy posted 4/22/2014 10:10 AM

Sounds like a good tagline...

I burn more bridges before 10 am than most people do all day.

Nature_Girl posted 4/22/2014 10:34 AM

Onward into the future!

MadeOfScars posted 4/22/2014 10:37 AM

I burn more bridges before 10 am than most people do all day.


Anyway, here's to your bigger and brighter future.

nowiknow23 posted 4/22/2014 10:46 AM


norabird posted 4/22/2014 11:13 AM


It's bittersweet now, but much sweetness to come after, I know.

Abbondad posted 4/22/2014 11:40 AM

Sending support your way, SSL. You've been through hell and maintained your strength and dignity. The best is yet to come in your new life.

nekorb posted 4/22/2014 13:52 PM

Glad it went smoothly!

Tripletrouble posted 4/22/2014 20:20 PM

There is always a tone or writing style in your posts that suggest bigger and better is just ahead for you. That you are ready, and embracing the new life to come. You project hope and healing. Sometimes I envy your freedom to pick up and scram. I look forward to following your new beginning and living vicariously through it. All the best to you sunset!!

tesla posted 4/22/2014 21:10 PM


sunsetslost posted 4/23/2014 00:19 AM

Thanks to you all. I felt the strength and good thougts. I really did. It was a challenging day. Hugs back to y'all. You picked me up today. You pick me up most days.

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