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first run in with OW since Dday

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reallysad2012 posted 4/23/2014 14:15 PM

Okay. I was expecting this to happen. I had planned to act like I knew nothing because OW does not know that I know about the A. I decided keeping it that way would be best.

I pulled it off. Acted like nothing was out of place. Didn't even hate her. I did get a rush of adrenaline which made my hands shake a little bit but I had time to compose myself before we had to talk.

After, I was fine. It was so weird. I had thought I might crumple and cry when I got home, but I didn't. Some part of me thinks I have not really dealt with the fact that I was nice and polite to the woman who had sex with my husband.

Of course, I told H about it as soon as I got home and he was more upset than me. Because he had put me in that spot. But I felt better and better as the night went on because I had met her and talked to her and I didn't give anything away. It felt a little empowering, if that makes sense.

I am still not sure my mind has really dealt with it as well as I think I have. So far so good, though.

sisoon posted 4/23/2014 14:22 PM

I was in that position once. I take heart and great satisfaction in the fact that I didn't reveal anything to her. Knowledge is power, and since she lacks knowledge of what /Iyou know, I think our ows are at a disadvantage, at least theoretically.

LosferWords posted 4/23/2014 19:09 PM

I think you handled yourself exceptionally well. Really good job on keeping your composure, not giving away info, and ultimately taking the high road.

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