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My X is a moron

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NoLongerWantHim posted 4/24/2014 10:55 AM

Seems like Chester the Molester is unemployed.
Not my problem.

He's going on 2 months behind on maintenance/child support. Not my problem. It will eventually all get collected.

GWADW (My DD) lost her health insurance. Feb 1st, I had insurance cards for her, and no clue which was valid. I used the newest.That becomes my issue. And it's a pain to navigate. Insurance claims rejected so far this year are hovering at about 10K. Her A/D, ADHD, and anti psychotics are incredible expensive.

I managed to get the end date for both her insurances! That means I can resubmit.

I figured the quickest fix was COBRA. The new management hung up on me 3 times today.

Next fix - medicaid. Done.

Next step, getting her affordable insurance. That appointment is next week.

2 stinking hours on the phone - and now I get to survey her pediatrician, her current psychiatrist, the future psychiatrist, her therapist, and I'm sure someone I forgot to see what coverage they take, and picking what the majority likes.

I am so effin pissed. When I accepted the new job, I had insurance for her.

On the bright side, I finally have a tentative diagnosis for the kidlet. Asperger's to add to the mix. Waiting to hear if the PsychNP at her counselling center is willing to make a DX.

Dreamboat posted 4/24/2014 11:28 AM


What a nightmare!

Losing a job and/or losing insurance is considered a qualifying event so you might still be able to add her to your insurance. You might want to check with HR.

Good luck
(and good to "see" you again )

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