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I finally screamed at him (kinda)

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Completelybroken posted 4/24/2014 16:28 PM

My H has been doing everything "right" as far as transparency, remorse, reading, being patient with me, MC, giving me time to do things etc etc.

Most of the time I'm overall ok I'm still going through that fun loopy roller coaster of emotions and sometimes my anger is so horrible I can't hardly be in the house and look at him, during the week with work I can manage but weekends are horrible trying to hold the anger in.

I can't really go anywhere on the weekends bc we have two young kids and weekends are our only family time, so by Sunday I am usually a crying frustrated mess.

But it just so happened this week that we had taken two cars and on the way home both kids were in his car and I was following behind so I was by myself. OMG I let loose! I was yelling and screaming horrible things at him! Flipping him off ( below the steering wheel of course) it felt great! I'm not usually a yeller but it felt so good to get it out! Plus I could physically see him so it was really like I was yelling at him. By the time we got home I felt soooooo much better and actually happy.

(My husband later asked me what song I was listening too bc he could tell I was cussing --luckily the kids interrupted so I avoided the question)

I am still feeling better getting it out so hopefully no crying mess this sunday

Allornothing posted 4/24/2014 17:09 PM

Good for you! It does feel good to let it out, doesn't it?

Dallas2 posted 4/24/2014 17:50 PM

Good for you!!!

I stacked my pillows and beat them and screamed at them. If I had done the things to him I did to those pillows I would be wearing orange everyday.

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