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Divorce is final

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No12turn2 posted 4/25/2014 09:56 AM

Went to court yesterday. It's final and she didn't fight me on anything. As of today, I am a new man

SBB posted 4/25/2014 10:02 AM

I'm so glad it wasn't a protracted battle.

I celebrated mine because it was a long time coming (mandatory waiting periods). There's no 'right' way to feel about it and it can change from one day to the next.

For me even in my worst days it was still better than being lied to, deceived, abused and cheated on. Better than my best days in that M because the feelings are authentic.

It's not how I planned it but it's a hell of a lot better than the way it was heading.

Congratulations on being free. Here's to your New Beginning!

MadeOfScars posted 4/25/2014 10:05 AM

Whether its congratulations or condolences you need in this moment, I wish you the best in your new life. I know you'll make it a great one!

No12turn2 posted 4/25/2014 10:19 AM


Caretaker1 posted 4/25/2014 10:22 AM

Lucky you not being fought on in every detail. Who gets the girls? Who got the major assets, who is paying CS?

No12turn2 posted 4/25/2014 10:37 AM

50/50 on girls. One week here, one week there. The off parent gets a 2 hour dinner night with the girls on Wednesdays. I was assigned as the primary residence for their school. I get the home we live in and the house in Colorado was ordered to be sold. I split the profit with her AFTER any out of pocket expenses are reimbursed to me. No alimony but I will pay $630 a month CS.

norabird posted 4/25/2014 10:37 AM

Mazel tov on your new chapter.

No12turn2 posted 4/25/2014 11:07 AM

Going to cleanse my life of her starting with the house. This should be really awkward for her. She was given 30 days to move out. She will get to see how fast I am moving on.

DepressedDaddy posted 4/25/2014 11:28 AM

It sounds like yo are happy with the results, so that means we are too! Congratulations and always remember that you have a lot of life in front of you. That's what I am hanging on at least!

Just take care of you now.

nowiknow23 posted 4/25/2014 11:34 AM

Welcome to the other side, No1.

Pass posted 4/25/2014 11:50 AM

You should expect a little jealousy from those of us who live in places with a one year waiting period before we can even file.

Sorry, that was off-topic. Despite the jealousy, I'm very happy for you!

No12turn2 posted 4/25/2014 13:48 PM

I had my jealousy with those who were attempting to R. Struggled with coming here on most days. Time to wake myself up and get things moving in the right direction

Pass posted 4/25/2014 14:13 PM

I hear you, No12. You're doing great!

WestMonroe91 posted 4/25/2014 18:19 PM


I hope to join your status real soon but WW is stalling by asking for more discovery. No SS or CS is involved. I just want to get to the settlement phase so I too can start a new life.

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