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My turn to be the psycho-date

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notmeanymore posted 4/26/2014 18:03 PM

Went on a couple dates with a guy. Liked him okay, but not crazy about him. But I'm in a bad (good?) habit of cyber-stalking folks I've just met.

Found him and his family on Facebook, so I'd occasionally look at their pages. Just out of curiosity. Although in the beginning it was kind of to make sure he was actually single.

In any case, he gave me disappearing act this week and I noticed his family closed up privacy settings on their profiles. AGHHHH. I can only imagine I did something foolish like friend requested his Mother or something.

I freaked and deleted everything from my activity list that dealt with them before thinking to check to see if I DID do something like that. So I'll never actually know.

I am somewhat mortified. Oh well.

Thank god we do not live very close to each other!

SBB posted 4/27/2014 10:53 AM

I'm sorry - I know it isn't funny but oh my word!!

better4me posted 4/27/2014 15:07 PM

Their tightening of the privacy settings may just be coincidental, right?

I've got the same cyber stalking habit. I too tell myself I'm just making sure the guy is who he says he is, but it really is just my over curiosity that has this easy outlet in the cyber world. Oh well, no harm, no foul...

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notmeanymore posted 4/27/2014 18:17 PM

It COULD be a coincidence.

And I've never accidentally friended someone before, BUT his mom had that "follow" feature set up and I was like hmmm what is this so I looked at her followers. Not sure if I hit something when in there.

Oh well. So he thinks I'm crazy.

InnerLight posted 4/28/2014 00:16 AM

I think when you look at someone's profile on linked in or facebook that those sites then ask the person if they would like to connect with you. So you can sometimes tell who has been looking at your profile that way.

EvenKeel posted 4/28/2014 07:08 AM

I think when you look at someone's profile on linked in or facebook that those sites then ask the person if they would like to connect with you.

Interesting...I didn't know FB did this. I will have to pay closer attention to the people "suggested" to me.

Notme - First off....I see NOTHING wrong with cyberstalking a new person you are dating. When I was OLD, I flat out told them that I do my own version of internet research to verify they are who they say they are.

THIS includes FB. I found you can tell a lot about them by their pictures (their own and the ones they are tagged in).

I find it unlikely you accidently sent something but you should be able to track that (ie check your pending friend requests, etc).

Even if you did (friend requested the mom) - I would not think that would be a dealbreaker. All she has to do is ignore ya.

There is a chance the FB thing has nothing to do with you but rather someone else in the family or acquaintance.

As for him poofing - who knows....we all know how frustrating this early dating is.

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