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Oh holy Lord. worst. autocorrect.ever.

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HFSSC posted 4/27/2014 20:31 PM

Oh dear Lord. I can't believe I didn't screen shot this for posterity. And I am thankful to the universe that I caught this before I hit "send".

I was emailing ds15's biology teacher. This is one of the classes he has screwed around and almost failed. His teacher is a saint. She still tries to help him out and keep him on track. We were all sick this week and he missed a couple of school days.

So in my email, I was thanking her for her patience and dedication. I have no idea what I actually typed but what my phone decided I meant to say was "dildo action" Yes. Dear Mrs. So and So. Blah blah blah, thank you for your patience and dildo action.

That's what I almost just sent.

woundedby2 posted 4/27/2014 20:37 PM

That would've been a teeny bit awkward...

MovingUpward posted 4/27/2014 20:37 PM

Glad that you caught that

boontje posted 4/27/2014 20:57 PM

OMG!!! Her reply would have been absolutely priceless!!

HFSSC posted 4/27/2014 20:59 PM

Poor kid is having a hard enough time.

Heh heh heh. I said "hard".

I've turned into Beavis. Or Butthead.

boontje posted 4/27/2014 21:06 PM

I've turned into Beavis. Or Butthead.

That's what happens when you hang out with teens. I lost my sanity years ago.

I once very innocently asked my high school students what word they saw in "dictator" (they were struggling to define dictator) and they shouted "dick"!! I was actually thinking along the lines of dictate.....but consider my audience. I should have known better.

FaithFool posted 4/27/2014 21:23 PM

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 4/27/2014 21:26 PM

Lyonesse posted 4/27/2014 21:47 PM

I presume you typed "dedication." Hilarious autocorrect!

PhoenixRisen posted 4/27/2014 22:00 PM

I bet she would have loved it!

I had a business contact accidentally sign a text xoxo. He was SO embarrassed. I thought it was hysterical.

You just know somewhere at Apple there is an IOS programer who did that on purpose just HOPING someone would misspell dedication ever so slightly!

PurpleRose posted 4/27/2014 22:17 PM

As a teacher, I absolutely love this thread! Too freakin funny!!

jo2love posted 4/28/2014 09:20 AM


TrulyReconciled posted 4/28/2014 09:26 AM

Hmmmm ... I wonder if there are a lot of people misspelling 'dildo' in their texts??

Aubrie posted 4/28/2014 09:54 AM

I dunno about anyone else, but I'm so disappointed she didn't actually send it. Woulda been too good. Paybacks for harrassing Spazzie Razzie about her umm...collection....and maid service.

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