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I got the bill today

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StillLivin posted 4/28/2014 18:15 PM

from my attorney's office.
My STBX has decided to represent himself. He calls and emails running up the attorney's fees.
He calls about petty shit and emails about petty shit.
Ultimately, he will have to reimburse me, but for now I am paying the attorney. I don't have the money for more retainer so will have to figure it out and hustle to pay. I have got to come up with this money or they won't file the default and I will have to do this process all over again months down the road in order to get D.
I so bad want to break NC to call him and have a business only, adult, rational conversation to tell him to try and keep calls and emails to a minimum. Perhaps make a list of everything and then put it in one email instead of several (each email/call is $25 or more).
1. He will fact twist and tell himself I am "just trying to control him" or some such other stupid nonsense and will send more calls/emails to spite me (but later himself).
2. He will barrage me with hate and evil and projection. It will upset me for a little while and I have to study for finals and concentrate.
I'm just ranting. I am NOT breaking NC, but (SIGH) it would sure be nice to have him be an adult, rational, and civilized for once.
Ok, back to studying. I cannot control him, I can only control me. Woooosahhhhhh

Gemini71 posted 4/28/2014 18:34 PM

You already know he is incapable of

a business only, adult, rational conversation.

I think you're absolutely right to maintain NC. Sounds like he's enough of an ass to purposefully up the calls and emails if he knows they get to you.



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StillLivin posted 4/28/2014 18:45 PM

Gemini, yes he is. And not only that, if I break NC he learns which buttons to push and I'm working so hard to uninstall them. But when I have so much homework and studying, I can't just go to the gym and workout and get it all out and process.
Ahgggg, school is over in a week and a half. Gonna hang in til then. I cannot WAIT for summer break.

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