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Getting ex income records for alimony termination

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gotmylifeback posted 4/28/2014 21:24 PM

Not sure where to post this. Mods, feel free to move as needed.

Back when I got divorced, my attorney said that I could request a copy of the ex's income (possibly she meant tax returns) each year I paid alimony. She said it was free to request (once a year) so that when the alimony was to be terminated, I could show that the ex was working and therefore could not request an extension of spousal support.

Has anyone done this and what is the name of the process/form?

jo2love posted 4/29/2014 15:15 PM

Bumping in hopes someone has knowledge on this topic and can give advice.

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Merlin posted 4/29/2014 15:29 PM


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Merlin posted 4/29/2014 15:29 PM

Your attorney should write her attorney and request her income tax filings for the years in question.

If your attorney does not know this, are you sure you have the right attorney for you?

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