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I will never get on a dating site because

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Faithful w/Love posted 4/29/2014 13:25 PM

my wh is on them and he is still married!!!! How many of these people on the dating sites are actually married or in a relationship?????? Oh Lord, for all of you in NB watch out because my WH is on there!!!!! Scary!

7yrsflushed posted 4/29/2014 14:00 PM

Dating sites or not people lie all the time. It's no different than meeting a person on the street and having a conversation. They could be married and have no intention of telling you.

I agree with you about not using dating sites though for different reasons. I just think it's to impersonal. Just my opinion but I prefer to have an actual conversation with someone irl to get to know them. Feels like i'm scanning a menu for something I would like to try at dinner versus someone I am interested in getting to know. No one was doing online dating before I got married and now that I am on the verge of freedom via D it seems the art of conversation has given way to texting, IMing and online dating. To each his own though. I'm not knocking it. It just isn't for me at the moment.

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Nature_Girl posted 4/29/2014 14:08 PM

Same here. My ex was all over them while we were married, both the legit ones as well as the cheating ones. I'll never do online dating.

Faithful w/Love posted 4/29/2014 14:29 PM

It just discuss me that they do this. I mean most people on the sites (I would think) are truly being duped by him. And for the sex site well, this is not his first go around with it.

Also, emailing female co workers, searching for another female co worker.

He will never be happy with what he has and now I see it was never about AP or me. He has to have the high or he is a SA. A NPD also cause he feels entitled.

What makes me sick is he confesses how much he loves me. Ummm, yeah right

Nature_Girl posted 4/29/2014 16:37 PM

LOL My ex was boo-hooing to some of the men at church who were trying to counsel him after we separated. He was telling them how much he loved me, was devastated that I'd thrown him out of the house, he didn't understand what was happening, couldn't understand why I'd destroyed our family, he'd do anything to reconcile...

Only one of the men believed him, but that one man was determined I was the whore of Babylon who had ruined our lives. That is, until I showed him the bank statement showing that at the same time ex was crying about loving only me he had opened an dating membership. And I also showed him the dating profile.

I do feel sorry for the women my ex suckers. I know how well he can love bomb. I'll not ever go online for a date, though. After seeing how easy it is to lie, no way. No. Way.

Eranda posted 4/29/2014 19:56 PM

My last boyfriend moved out of my house on a Saturday and was on a dating site on MONDAY. Best part? His profile said he was "newly divorced" (he wasn't even divorced yet!!) and that he was "new to this" (meaning dating/online dating) I met him ON THE SAME SITE two years earlier.

So... total lies... he was putting himself out there as a newly divorced guy who was just beginning to date when he was still MARRIED and had LIVED WITH SOMEONE for almost a year and a half!!!!

I would never ever believe anything anyone on those sites said, I avoid them like the plague. I'd rather be alone than be lied to and misled.

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Tripletrouble posted 4/29/2014 20:31 PM

I had a half dozen or so OLD dates. My hand to God I made every one of them tell me the county of their divorce and verified their divorce records on the clerk of court website before I would meet them. I had one tell me I was an uptight paranoid type A. Okay. Like I care. In addition to not wanting to be the other woman, develop feelings for someone lying and cheating, there is also the issue I live in a fault state and wasn't having my ass dragged into court for someone elses divorce proceeding.

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