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Favorite movie(s) and why?

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Guinness23 posted 4/29/2014 18:53 PM

Ok. What is your favorite all time movies and why?


1."Somewhere In Time" - Jane Seymour, Chris Reeve
-fantasy - just transcending space for love that is real and matters is worth the risk.

2. "Laura" - Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews. Moral of the story: watch out who your supposed friends are

3. "Glass Slipper" - Leslie Caron, Michael Wilding. Pay attention to who your friends REALLY ARE. Oh, and have a space you can run that is just YOURS.

jrc1963 posted 4/29/2014 19:23 PM

1."Somewhere In Time" - Jane Seymour, Chris Reeve
-fantasy - just transcending space for love that is real and matters is worth the risk.

Yep!!! Always loved this movie...

2. "Laura" - Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews. Moral of the story: watch out who your supposed friends are

Just saw this the other day for the first time... great movie

Steel Magnolias - Just love the show of love, strength, grace and friendship in it...

A League of their Own - girl empowerment at the max!

I'm sure I'll think of more.

painpaingoaway posted 4/29/2014 19:28 PM

Ah, Steel magnolias, LOVED that movie!

I really like 'quirky' movies. My all time favorite movie is probably "Dan in Real Life" just loved it.

I also loved "Little Miss Sunshine"

And pretty much any movie with Meryl Steep. Love her.

BreatheAgain10 posted 4/29/2014 19:52 PM

The Wedding Singer and Click! I'm a huge fan of Adam Sandler and those are two movies I can watch over and over again!
I love to laugh!

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Lucky2HaveMe posted 4/29/2014 20:00 PM

Ghost - Love story, comedy and drama all in one.

Not many movies I can watch over and over - I cry every time I watch this one.

Williesmom posted 4/29/2014 20:03 PM

An officer and a gentleman. I'm still waiting for Richard gere to come to my office and carry me out.....

Ascendant posted 4/29/2014 20:16 PM

"There Will Be Blood"

A great film that depicts the frailties of ambitious human beings and the ruin that can befall those driven by nothing but single-minded ambition, anger, and greed.

"Fight Club"

Everytime I watch it, I look around at all the *shit* I own, and want to sell all my worldly possessions and do something more primal and less superfluous. But I usually grab another beer and some more chips.

lonely2009 posted 4/29/2014 20:20 PM

The Shawshank Redemption

Working Girl ( love the theme song, Let the River Run)


Oh there are so many, hard to choose.

Ascendant posted 4/29/2014 20:29 PM

Shawshank Redemption and Traffic are so good.

Williesmom posted 4/29/2014 20:33 PM

Oh, I also love A River Runs Through It.

Thelma and Louise is also a fave.

Legends of the Fall.

3 Brad Pitt movies.......

nowiknow23 posted 4/29/2014 20:39 PM

"The Princess Bride" because hello - Princess Bride? Enough said.

Unagie posted 4/29/2014 21:59 PM

Fried Green Tomatos- I'm a sucker for a tear jerked which leads me to my next pick

Beaches- I know I know

Princess Bride
A league of their own
Usual suspects

SBB posted 4/30/2014 06:19 AM

Shawshank Redemption - I love Morgan Freeman and I love how the story is told.

Good Will Hunting - the "it's not your fault" scene still kills me after all of these years.

Primal Fear - Edward Norton and Richard Gere at their best.

Devils Advocate - Keanu Reeves. Nuff said. Oh and the fact that I even noticed Charlize is a testament to her amazing performance.

Fight Club - Mind.Bent.

The Butterfly Effect - also bends my mind.

Kill Bill. So violent but so... awesome!

Pump Up The Volume and The Breakfast Club - old favourites, great soundtrack!

I also LOVE all of the Pixar films. I was watching them waaay before I had kids. I'm loving Brave ATM.

painpaingoaway posted 4/30/2014 07:24 AM

Ah, Shawshank Redemption and Fried Green Tomatoes! I had forgotten about them. Great movies.

Tred posted 4/30/2014 07:34 AM

Some good movies already on here. I'm going to have to say Secondhand Lions. If you haven't seen it, you should. Duvall and Cain are awesome in it.

nutmegkitty posted 4/30/2014 08:12 AM

Another fan of Shawshank Redemption...Say Anything, Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club...

Lucky2HaveMe posted 4/30/2014 08:22 AM

Primal Fear is a great movie!

I also really like Secret Window with Johnny Depp

Lola2kids posted 4/30/2014 08:31 AM

My favourite has always been Charade.

Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.
Walter Matthau
George Kennedy
James Coburn

Mystery, thriller, romance.
1963 Paris.

Love it.

Check out the shower scene...fully clothed.

abbycadabby posted 4/30/2014 08:48 AM

I have a couple of absolute favorites:

1)The Sound of Music- because, well, Julie Andrews! Music! I love everything about this movie.

2)Gladiator- I have no idea why I like this movie so much.

But then I also love all kinds of older movies- Singin' in the Rain, Pillow Talk, Meet Me in St. Louis, The Quiet Man, Some Like It Hot, To Kill A Mockingbird, older Disney films, and a bunch more I can't think of.

Modern ones I love- Harry Potter, LOTR series, and most of the Disney/Disney-Pixar movies.

devasted30 posted 4/30/2014 10:33 AM

Funny Girl. A hilarious tear jerker

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