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Signs of spring!

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lynnm1947 posted 5/2/2014 09:36 AM

Those of us in the frozen north have suffered through a harsh, long winter that most of us feared would never end. I'm happy to report that in my neck of the woods, it looks as if spring is finally sprung! This was shot yesterday at the country place. Anyone else have signs of spring?

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lynnm1947 posted 5/2/2014 20:13 PM

No one? I want signs of spring, dammit! I need validation that my photo isn't just an aberration!

jrc1963 posted 5/2/2014 21:35 PM

My photos wouldn't help... it's been green and warm down here for months now.

Finally Allergy season is over!!!

I think just about everything has finished blooming... We even have veggies coming into season already!

Lostinthismess posted 5/2/2014 21:40 PM

Signs of summer here. High 90's and sunburns!

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 5/2/2014 21:49 PM

Finally Allergy season is over!!!

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