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Narcissist To The End

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meredith132 posted 5/2/2014 17:31 PM

I thought he couldn't top the text where he bitched about the high phone bill. It was high because I caught him out, without trying, abroad with another woman. Apparently I took the piss with the level of messages and calls I made on discovering his deceit!!!!

Well today after months of asking him to remove all his belongings he managed to turn the situation again.

He thinks the way I packed his stuff was disrespectful and he can't wait to see the back of me hahaha!

This is the man who has not had the balls to see the front of me in person or pick up the phone and call since I rumbled him after 11 years. Earlier this week I felt a mess but I think it was because he came(when I was at work and due to me pressuring) and still left stuff like I could never be shot of the prick. He said his mate would be picking it up at a later date.

This time I went over his head called the friend who said sure I will get that out of your way tonight. So there was no issue with vans he was delaying.

He cannot stand loss of control, he cannot stand I am not chasing him , he cannot stand I am not pleading for answers. I have taken his oxygen away and he is unhappy,unhappier than he ever was. he threw it all away for a relationship that is already finished (wise girl)He looks like an absolute loser to everyone. He hates that I unmasked him. I feel reborn. I can now move forward Its like a massive weight lifted I now have nothing to contact him about.

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