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What is wrong with me today?

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kate0421 posted 5/9/2014 14:32 PM

So WS is at work and he sent me a text saying
"Can you stop at cvs please and grab some cases of water"
I totally freaked out on him telling him I'm not his maid and blah blah blah. Turned into a heated texting convo where I just told him none of this matters, to just go do what he does best and find some whores to fuck.....
Wth is wrong with me? I just blurted out of anger from nowhere.

devasted30 posted 5/9/2014 14:41 PM

Roller coaster ride. We are all on it. Go with it. Ride it out. It happens to all of us even the ones who have been on this ride for a lot longer than us. This ride will have lots of dips and turns. Hang on, mor coming your way. This is the gift that keeps on giving. Hopefully it won't occupy your mind for too, too long. We feel your anger and we sympathize with you.

eachdayisvictory posted 5/9/2014 15:11 PM

I found it really helpful to talk to my H when I felt surprised by my behaviour. I didn't necessarily apologize, but told him that I disappointed myself with _______ today, and that I am trying to change that because that's not who I want to be, and it made me more bitter toward him (the feeling of the A making me someone I don't like, the bitterness that I didn't invite this into my life and so on).

There was a roller coaster from this, and I found it helpful to let him know during a good time, a calm time, when I had ALMOST made a comment like that, but noticed it and stopped myself. So we both knew where we were in our journey toward R.

I've just really experienced how damaging clinging to bitterness and anger are - but also know that there are definitely places and times in this journey where they are unavoidable and necessary. Forgiving myself was incredibly important during thoughts like you describe. You have been through trauma, you are in the middle of trauma. Forgive yourself as quickly as possible, you have done nothing but be human.

needfriendshere posted 5/9/2014 15:29 PM

Yup, it is a roller coaster ride and we definitely are all on it. The other day my WH and I were out to dinner with another couple, and he did not hear something I said and I snapped at him - like he had bitten me or something. The other couple just stared at me like I had 3 heads. Very out of character for me, but I find that the littlest things set me off.

We are all hurting and are hyperaware and hypersensitive. Can't help it. It goes with the territory. Hang in there, my friend! I've heard it gets better with time. Would just love to know how much time, wouldn't you?

jo2love posted 5/9/2014 15:59 PM

kate0421 -

Please remember to follow the Recon forum's guidelines when posting. There is to be no venting about or name calling the OP in this forum. If you would like to vent about OW, please let me know and I will be happy to move this thread to Gen. Thank you.

kate0421 posted 5/9/2014 16:27 PM

Yes I guess it does come with the territory. I feel like I am not myself sometimes, and I though I really had a handle on my emotional outbursts. I don't want to be this jealous snappy paranoid person.
I guess I just felt like we were doing so good lately. I wasn't even upset when he texted me. I know I over reacted and its probably not about stopping at the store, I mean he even said please.
Recently I have just had these overwhelming feelings. I feel unimportant to him. I don't feel special anymore. He has been going out of his way to prove it to me, I just don't FEEL it. It's hard to describe how I feel. I know he loves me, but now I feel like it's a different kind of love, from growing up together and a best friend kinda love. I almost feel like I am waiting for him to find his true love, I feel like the best friend he grew up with that he will always love and care for, but not "the one". He tries to tell and show me otherwise but I'm so unsure. Ugh guess I'm on the stomach dropping down part of my roller coaster today.

kansas1968 posted 5/9/2014 16:45 PM

I am trying not to chuckle because I know your post comes with a lot of pain, but I do this myself and it has been three and a half years since DDay.

It doesn't take much. It just happened last week. He told me of a conversation he had with a claims agent regarding an injury that I incurred. He and I have not seen eye-to-eye on how to handle this, so he was indicating to her how unreasonable I was being and he didn't agree, blah, blah.

When he told me,his tone was derisive. I called him back after I thought about it and told him to get his ass home. He got both barrels for the rest of the evening. Normally, I would not even have thought a thing about this.

But I told him. "You just don't get it!!! Life has changed. It will never be the same. The affair happened and it will always be in our history. We both need to be conscious of that and always treat each other with kindness and respect. You were talking to another woman and being negative about me. That might have flow "BA"(before affair) but never "AA" after affair.

Most of the time when stuff like this happens, I calmly tell him he hurt my feelings and he apologizes and we have another little talk about not letting things go and then build up resentment. That is what we used to do before the affair.

But just sometimes, with that angry residue bubbling around under the surface, you just blow a cork. Oh, the woeful, miserable, unintended consequences of an affair!

steadfast1973 posted 5/9/2014 17:02 PM

When I told Fwh i wanted to R, after his confessions, I told him...

this doesn't mean I won't want to talk about it. I will. Every day. This doesn't mean I am no longer angry. There will be times, when it seems I am mad at you for nothing. It's not nothing, it's this. And it will last for years. The last time, I sucked if up, and kept it to myself. I won't this time. I will scream at you, and if you act surprised, I will tell you why. And i won't be nice about it. I will see something that reminds me of this, and I will fly into, what seems to you, an unwarranted tirade. If you tell me it's unwarranted, I will remind you of why it's warranted. And I won't be nice about it. If you are willing to put up with that for 2-5 years, and remain as open, honest, and transparent, as you were today, I will do my best to forgive you. I don't know if it's even possible for us to do either... But I am willing to try, of you are.

And I have. I have done exactly as you described... More than once. it's normal... Sometimes something becomes a trigger, that has happened many times before, without triggering you... And that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the A. Sometimes... Even him telling me he loved me, made me want to punch him in the junk.

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