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MammaMia posted 5/10/2014 09:12 AM

Why did you choose you SI name? What is the meaning behind it?

My SI name does not have any specific meaning. Before I found SI, I was cruising other infidelity sites. In one of them there was a member with this name. When I found SI and had to come up with a name, this is what popped up in my head.

PS: Personally, I do not like the movie. Sorry to the ones who do.

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decimus posted 5/10/2014 09:17 AM

@MammaMia, your name definitely brings a musical note to mind.

I choose my nickname based on my typical initial reaction to stressful situations. I am happy to report that that as I get older, I have been able to tone it down.

DTERMINED2SURVIV posted 5/10/2014 09:24 AM

Name says it all. Im really hoping my relationship can survive!

inconnu posted 5/10/2014 09:34 AM

this username - means unknown in French. When I picked it, it was right after I found out now-ex and OW/wifetress had been cyberstalking me here and elsewhere online. I just wanted to be anonymous and unknown, somewhere. And since I was so upset, I completely forgot that French has masculine and feminine versions of words... oh well, it is what it is, and a lot of people here now know who I am IRL, so it doesn't matter anymore. I've obviously gotten over my need to be anonymous.

jjct posted 5/10/2014 09:38 AM

@ inconnu
so funny!
Mine's the same - just little 'ol initials...

SisterMilkshake posted 5/10/2014 09:57 AM

I really dislike my SI name. When I was trying to register (and I had problems and I needed Admin help) I was very distraught. Wasn't thinking very clearly. I started to use a name that started with "Sister" that I used in some other places and is a family name my sibs had for me that was a joke. (think of a very Catholic school girl name and add "Sister" to it) The name is my IRL name, and I realized I wanted to be anonymous. I was with a group of friends the day before and we were talking about the "Milkshake" song and it just popped into my head to use "milkshake". Ugh. So inappropriate.

Sparkle0504 posted 5/10/2014 10:18 AM

Actually SMS I think your name's way cool!

Mine is my nickname - probs a bit tmi, but after my xh and I split, I decided to go on a voyage of sexual self-discovery. After the first time (KWIM? ) I went out with friends and they told me I looked all sparkly ("OMG did you get laid??!!")...and the name stuck.

Not feeling quite so sparkly now though

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IrishLass518 posted 5/10/2014 10:20 AM

I wanted a name that wouldn't reflect my emotional state at the time. Somehow I knew that I would heal, even though I didn't believe it. I didn't want to be stuck with "bawlingmyfrickin'eyesout,can'timaginelifegettingbetter,IneedtobewithhimorI'lldie" forever. I chose a name reflective of a portion of my heritage and the heritage of my children. That is who I am not the emotions of the moment.

Furious1 posted 5/10/2014 10:20 AM

I'm not very original or creative. When I found this site, I was so furious at my WH that my hands were shaking. I like my name. It reminds me that my anger and my outrage is natural and normal. As my IC puts it, it is my inner guide that tells me what I can and can not live with in my life.

DepressedDaddy posted 5/10/2014 10:47 AM

Mine says it all, although I wish I would have thought about what IrishLass said in hers, for when I was picking out a name. I am not very depressed anymore, but now people have come to know me by this name, so I wear it like a badge of honor.

I definitely picked my name a few days after D-Day, so I was in a different state of mind.

LosferWords posted 5/10/2014 10:55 AM

SisterMilkshake - For the record, I love your user name! I don't think of that song at all. I think of this local place in town that serves up the best ice cream and milk shakes.

I was dumbstruck and speechless when I joined this site. Literally at a loss for words. Then I remembered that Iron Maiden had a song called "Losfer Words". For anonymity's sake, I figured if anyone googled my name, they would see a bunch of Iron Maiden links. And there you have it.

ETA: I can haz grammerz.

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TrustedHer posted 5/10/2014 11:07 AM

I don't usually post on these threads.

I figure people can guess why I chose my name...

Ascendant posted 5/10/2014 11:07 AM

Well, originally my username was 'FacePunched'

That one came about because when I found pictures of OM's dick in my wife's deleted emails, I literally felt punched in the face.

I changed it a few months back during a fit of happiness because I was feeling generally pretty positive about my life.

1. proceeding upwards; rising
2. dominant, superior, or influential

I think the first definition fits for my improving mood, and the second fits insofar as how I feel in regards to control/responsibility of my own life and/or happiness.

I didn't dislike my original username per se, but I wanted to go to some G2Gs, and I dreaded the thought of introducing myself to another human being as 'FacePunched'. That's probably silly.

The only gripe I have is that it very nicely shortened to 'FP' for people to use in responses, whereas my new one doesn't have a great shortened version, yet.

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Unagie posted 5/10/2014 11:26 AM

I'd love to change mine. It was an old name I used for just about everything for years. Didn't really think I just used what I knew I'd remember.

DTERMINED2SURVIV posted 5/10/2014 11:37 AM

I dreaded the thought of introducing myself to another human being as 'FacePunched'. That's probably silly.

I literally lol'd!

Still better then FOMDIWDE....Facepunched, sums it up. Glad youve gotten to a better place with a healthier name!

Branca posted 5/10/2014 12:02 PM

Now you've got me wondering.

I chose this name before D-Day #2. This is a nickname WH calls me, it's an affectionate name.

It's kind of ironic, isn't it, that I should choose this nickname, which in our former marriage signified love and affection. And yet the reason I am here is because he failed to honour that love and affection, and I am furious with him, and even feel numb toward him and would react sarcastically to his attempts to show affection.

I don't even understand quite why I chose it. Perhaps it is a subliminal longing to regain that affectionate bond.

RedRaven6500 posted 5/10/2014 12:45 PM

Mine was originally my initials and last name, easy to remember. However, I changed it when I realized that one of the OWs was stalking me online. It would have told her exactly who I was. I also told my fWH about this site, hoping that he would take advantage of the site himself and learn something. I changed it so he wouldn't know it was me. He never joined, as far as I know. RedRaven is a user name I used online, back in the day, when a user name was all you needed to post comments, etc. on sites. I have red hair and ravens are some of the most resilient and intelligent birds around. Seemed fitting. :)

AFrayedKnot posted 5/10/2014 13:13 PM

I recently changed my name so this thread is good timing. My new name is a play on words of where I was at when I got here and where I'm at today.

When I got here I was a disaster like most of us were. I had knots of anxiety and panic attacks every day. I barely left my bedroom let alone the house. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't think straight. I was A Frayed Knot.

Today I am Afraid Not. I am no longer afraid of speaking my mind. I am no longer afraid of standing my ground. I am no longer afraid of whatever the future holds.

Ostrich80 posted 5/10/2014 14:06 PM

Ostrich....head in sand by choice . Hopefully one day I will be, soaring eagle the just a significant number to me.

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Sad in AZ posted 5/10/2014 14:14 PM

Well, I started with SI in AZ, moved to TX and now I'm in NY.

I guess I'm just Happy in the USA

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