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making Mothers day cards with the munchkins

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justasinger posted 5/12/2014 08:57 AM

So DD's made cards for Mom on Mother's Day, and I'm helping DD6 by spelling out the words she wants to write. She writes "Happy Mother's Day, I love you". Then wants to add something else, DD4 says how about "You are the best Mommy in the whole wide world". DD6 responds with "I can't write that, cause she really isn't..." I could not come up with anything to say to that. She completely stole my tongue. She came up with "You really are working a lot". And I couldn't come up with anything better to dissuade her.

LostSamurai posted 5/12/2014 09:07 AM

Wow. For her to say that is just wow.

Pentup posted 5/12/2014 09:14 AM

I hope that card is a wake up call.

tushnurse posted 5/12/2014 09:20 AM

It would be funny if not so damn sad.

This proves what I always say. They are much more perceptive than anyone gives them credit for, and sometimes they get it more than we do, because we so blinded with pain.

I hope the Munchins, made you feel loved, and special yesterday. Dad's like you deserve a Mothers day card too.

(((and strength)))

confused615 posted 5/12/2014 09:23 AM

It's been my experience that 6 year old little girls think their mommy is the most amazing, beautiful woman EVER..and I mean EVER.

That your little girl said that tells me she has been highly affected by mommy's affair, the fallout, and her mother's general neglect.

Poor, sweet baby.

justasinger posted 5/12/2014 09:46 AM

I really just don't know what to do. WSO gets quite upset that I'm too lenient on the kids, and I am, but it's because she's just sooooo strict. Well, strict isn't really the right word, but it's the most PC word I can use to describe it.

healingtree posted 5/12/2014 19:18 PM

I waited for a over a year to even think about dating after WXH drove off into the sunset to start his new life.

I have an open, honest relationship with all my children, so when I asked one day, whether my son thought it was okay for Mommy to start dating, and what he might want from that, he said,

"Find a man that doesn't yell like Dad did. That doesn't get mean and angry. That doesn't make you sad. Find someone who is nice to you mom."

It was at that moment that I realized, even with his young age, he saw, he knew, he felt what had been going on.

He recognized his dad's behavior, and rejected it, wanted something better, for both of us.

Even when we wish they didn't, even when we hope that they are protected from all the crap that goes on, they know. They see. They might not understand, but they know what feels good, and what doesn't.

The best thing you can teach them is to value themselves, and the only way you can do that is by doing it for yourself.

I will never forget that conversation.

True. Honest. And very real.

They learn from us, every single day.

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