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Follow up to my dog heartbreak

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HFSSC posted 5/12/2014 18:38 PM

Um, wow. I'm pretty sure anyone who has read more than one of my posts knows that my faith is overwhelmingly important to me. It's who I am, how I live.

For anyone that didn't read my story in F&G, JM's sister happened upon a dog that appeared to be abandoned, neglected. A little French bulldog. My SIL cleaned him up, searched for possible owners. He wasn't microchipped and didn't have a collar. Friday, JM brought him to me for mothers day and I fell in LOVE. He reached a place in my heart I didn't even know existed anymore. And then Saturday the owner showed up. I was heartbroken. Couldn't understand why this would happen.

Well, yesterday, my SIL came over and said she felt like we were supposed to reach out to this guy and his family. Backing up a bit, turned out the guy's aunt and uncle are friends of ours, which is how he found out where the dog was. Then, Saturday, we were at a festival in our town with people from our church, giving away water. And this guy showed up at our tent. And it turned out that our best friend at church has known the guy almost his entire life.

So JM took him to the woodshed and told him he better get the dog taken care of. It wasn't the nicest conversation. But today. My DIL called him and offered to help with the vet bill. The guy started crying. I called him tonight and we talked for a long time. He lost his dad when he was 17 and his mom a couple of years later. He left his wife about a year ago for reasons I can't go into in OT.He left her the house, dog everything to make things easier on his kids. He now alternates weeks with them. A couple of months ago, he found the dog outside and in much worse shape than he is now. He took Zeus home and has been trying to take care of him but didn't have money or really know how to take care of him.

Long story short, we have offered to be somebody he could ask for help, somebody to teach him the things that he missed out on. To pray for them. To help with his kids, whatever. And he told my SIL that if she can find a female Frenchy to breed Zeus with, he would give me his pick of the litter puppy.

I don't know what's going to happen, and that's okay. what I do know is that God meant for my SIL to find that little guy and for us to be in this guy's life.

lieshurt posted 5/12/2014 18:46 PM

That is so kind of the two of you to reach out to him this way.

Williesmom posted 5/12/2014 20:18 PM

Sounds like he and the poor dog could both use you in their lives.

Kajem posted 5/12/2014 21:37 PM

I think Grace is a nice name for your new puppy.

Mysterious ways = Minor Miracles


itainteasy posted 5/13/2014 08:24 AM

I love this, HFSSC!

It sounds like this man needs a family in his life, and you guys fit the bill.

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