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courageous posted 5/12/2014 23:11 PM

My DS is 7 and I'm having a really hard time. When the kids come back from visitation with exwh, I discover that they didn't brush their teeth all weekend. exwh is so disgusting in all the time we were married he never once went to the dentist. He only brushed his teeth once a day, if that, when he was leaving for work. Now I know it was to tempted the whore.

I have tried to stress the importance of brushing to DS and casually mention it to exwh. The kids will be gone for the summer more than 6 weeks. I'm afraid what the condition of DS's teeth will be.

Exwh has been very confrontational and controlling lately. I don't think all is well in unicorn-fart land. I don't know how I can protect DS from all of this.

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