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Bad dreams...

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happierdays posted 5/14/2014 11:13 AM

Last night I had a very vivid dream, or nightmare about catching WH in another A. I woke myself up at one point, not sure if I was talking or not, but in my dream I was yelling at WH that “bet he thought he’d married the biggest f*cking idiot in the world.” And I remember repeating over and over again to “just be honest for once.”
The feelings of shock and anger were so real it worries me a bit.
He’s been talking about this woman he works with a fair bit lately, that he “doesn’t trust her” – the funny part is that she doesn’t have a name, just “this woman.” He talked about how much OW annoyed him in the beginning, she was also nameless, then he just quit talking about her, I figure that’s around the time their EA started. Not sure if that’s what’s got my wheels turning or not.
Do you put any weight in your A related dreams?

krsplat posted 5/14/2014 18:25 PM

I have frequent nightmares much like yours: finding them in bed together and having them laugh at me, or having him confess that he started another A and me hitting him over and over, or having to watch them through a window while I cry and can't move. PTSD is great stuff, isn't it?

For me, my dreams are clues to how I am feeling and what I need to be talking about. I do believe that dreams are also sometimes our subconscious putting together puzzle pieces that we can't work out while we are awake. Your wheels could be turning for a good reason! Pay attention to those dreams...

hopelesslydvoted posted 5/14/2014 18:35 PM

I agree

Pay attention to those dreams...

I caught my WH in so many things because of my dreams. The last bad dream I had was a couple weeks ago that showed me I was in false R.

Trust your gut and avoid paranoia as much as possible. That's how you find the truths in a pack of lies. We are stronger than we realize.

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