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I'm so bloated!

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suckstobeme posted 5/16/2014 11:20 AM

Omg. I'm sorry if it's TMI, but holy cow - this month has been insane in terms of the PMS. I'm so uncomfortable and my boobs feel like two concrete melons!!!! They are like prisoners, desperate to bust out of and escape the confines of my bra.

I wish there was a switch that we could pull - once we're done having kids, we can get rid of the monthly torture and move on happily wearing white pants every day for the rest of our lives!!!!!!!

UnexpectedSong posted 5/17/2014 22:04 PM

Ah... I know that sucks.

Drink lots of water and wear sweats.

nowiknow23 posted 5/18/2014 19:40 PM

((((stbm)))) Sending you chocolate and stretchy pants.

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