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I'm still the good parent

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inconnu posted 5/17/2014 08:23 AM

I was a little worried because SO is moving in today, the day after my youngest's birthday. It really couldn't be helped. SO needs to be here to start his new job on Monday. But SO and I discussed it and at least made the effort to not have him move in on my son's birthday.

DS19 is actually okay with it. He even made a joke about getting a defacto stepdad for his birthday. But still, his birthday should be about him, as much as possible, and I felt bad that he might be stressing about SO moving in this weekend.

Anyhoo, I took my boys out to dinner last night, and asked what the birthday plans were with their other parent for this weekend. Turns out there's something going on for "the new side of the family" today and DS19 told his dad he didn't want to share his birthday with them. So he may do something with his dad on Sunday, but last time he talked to his dad, ex said he hadn't told anyone else in the family that yet.

Once again, ex put someone or something else before his kids while I took my kid's feelings into consideration. I win! I am still the good parent.

And yeah, sometimes I still really am this petty. I'm good with that.

GreatRoleModel posted 5/17/2014 08:52 AM

I am all for being petty sometimes Seriously though good for you and your son and glad he enjoyed his birthday. Amazing how the EX's still don't get it even after time has passed, just goes to show they are emotionally stunted for life.

better4me posted 5/17/2014 09:28 AM

Yep, you still are I get this, I really do. It isn't really a "win" because our children are affected by their other parent's behavior, and yet it still feels like a victory

AND Happy moving in day! How exciting!!

caregiver9000 posted 5/17/2014 14:37 PM

And yeah, sometimes I still really am this petty. I'm good with that

Me too!!!!! (the petty part and the good with it part too)

And I think your DS and I share a birthday... must be an awesome kid!

I think your post title has an error though. You have one too many words. nix that "still" part. You are and always will be THE good parent.

norabird posted 5/17/2014 18:45 PM

It ain't petty if it's the truth!

traicionada posted 5/18/2014 06:37 AM

You're a parenting rockstar! I have no doubt your SO is going to add extra awesomeness to your children's lives

tesla posted 5/18/2014 06:48 AM

I would feel the exact same way!
Happy b-day, DS!

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