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just a peek!

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16forever posted 5/18/2014 22:34 PM

Does ur WS ever look at op's fb .I didn't think he did but the other day we were talking about her she was working at the only dollar store in town (not cool ) but I hadn't been seeing her car there lately and I said I think she doesn't work there anymore and he said well u should ask if the other Employees if she still works there I said heck no well u should txt one of our mutual friends (OP and I that is ) I said no way I will sound like a stalker he said well if shr is gone I will go in there now he didn't go in before so that was weird but what came next was weird he said well she is a manager in training for dollar tree maybe she went to another store I said well that's possible .But Then I looked at her fb and it said Manger in training would u know that if u didn't look huh!

JT4588 posted 5/18/2014 23:26 PM

Well, I can tell you what I would think if in this position. I would think my husband absolutely looked at her FB page. If he didn't how would he know that? Or if you have mutual friends who might have told him. That is what MY husband would say happened and I'd cry BS on him because I'd know he was lying. Your husband? Well, I can't answer that but listen to your gut. It will never fail you.

sunvalley posted 5/19/2014 09:22 AM

You can check their search history on FB if they haven't figured this out yet and deleted it. After DDay I discovered my WH's 'searched' people on fb. He hadn't searched any of them recently (because he was wanting 'out' and ending the As), but each time a new A had started he had looked for their profiles. It even shows the date they looked for them. You go into activity log, then more, search...if they haven't figured out this function exists yet that is, otherwise he's likely deleting his search history...mine didn't use FB enough to know otherwise.

16forever posted 5/20/2014 00:50 AM

I dont think he looks at his fb on our laptop only his phone and I don't have his fb password any way I know I should I haven't ever thow not before the A involving the AP not after he came home his friends list is also hidden. I only see mutual friends I don't think he talks to her but i don't want him him looking at her FB either

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