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any horsey people get a fix today?

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9years posted 5/19/2014 21:31 PM

Had the BEST ride on my off track thoroughbred today. I've had him for 3.5 years and could never get any speed out of him, simply AMAZING!! Flew past the two we were riding with more speed to spare!! Just WOW!

sadtoo posted 5/20/2014 00:55 AM

I get my "fix" every day.

I ride, pleasure drive, raise & show Arabians & 1/2 Arabians (other 1/2 Saddlebred)

Nothing more fun than flying like the wind on the back of a horse.

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9years posted 5/20/2014 15:49 PM

My friend/co trainer/lady who boards my horses, used to show Arabs back in the day, I've had a couple but never showed. Just went to my first horse show about a month ago. We have a little half Arab pinto that we show. Riding every day would be amazing, but I'm content with 3 or 4 days a week :)

hexed posted 5/20/2014 16:04 PM

Every single day that I'm home. 2 OTTBs turned eventers. 2 PMU just for fun the other is pretty catty cow pony :)

happenedtome posted 5/20/2014 16:41 PM

Could not survive without my horses. I am a QH gal, but also have a POA and a TWH. It fascinates me how different every breed is. Just being able to walk into my backyard and inhale my horses makes me happy.

SpecialK posted 5/20/2014 21:10 PM

Funny you should post this today, I am visiting my daughter and woke up this morning missing my guys. I know what you mean about a TB, they are like Ferrari's.

Can't wait to get back home and head to the barn!
Happy Trails

sadtoo posted 5/22/2014 00:39 AM

Just being able to walk into my backyard and inhale my horses makes me happy. TOO! I love smelling them, seeing them, hearing them, feeling them...there is something so wonderful about horses.

Hexed, When you say "Catty-Cow-Pony" are you by chance referring to a High Brow Cat baby? A cutter?

I have a 1/2 Arabian 1/2 Quarter Horse Cutter. I bought her intending her to be be a horse for the grandkids. And I bought her as a weanling. My thinking was because of the cross, she would be pretty (Arab) but smaller and more sturdy. (QH) Plus she is a golden palomino with 4 white socks and a white blaze. Everyone calls her "the Breyer Pony" or "The Barbie Horse" because she's so cute. Well, the novelty with the kids wore off wore off quick and I had this tiny horse with no job. So my trainer & I decided to take her to the cutting pen to see what she might do. We got teased and laughed at until she started picking it up. There is no genetic reason why she is cutting. No cow pedigree at all. And her Arab side is mostly "English", so she's a fluke.

Anyway, she trains with several High Brow Cat offspring. They are amazing to watch work.

We had a High Brow Cat baby born out at the barn where my horses are in training. I swear, he came out of the womb, jumped up and started to "cut" his dam. He was aggressive to anyone who went into the stall. So his "name" was Shitty-Kitty. He finally started to behave himself and became easier to manage. But Shitty-Kitty stuck as his barn name.

JenniMay posted 5/23/2014 11:58 AM

Add me to the list of getting my horse fix everyday! The barn is my happy place!

I have a big ol' Belgian draft mare. She is the highlight of my day!! We won't be winning any races, but she sure is a wonderful, strong, steady ride.

We're doing dressage & she loves going for a little hack outside of the ring.

Love her to pieces!!

JenniMay posted 5/23/2014 11:59 AM

2 PMU rescues

Hexed--PMU mares or PMU babies?


hexed posted 5/23/2014 13:25 PM

Hi JennyMay

They are 8 now. I got them as yearlings. Draft/mustang crosses. Love my girls!

TrulyReconciled posted 5/23/2014 14:37 PM

I suspect some of you are lion ....

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