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He's sorry

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timidhope posted 5/19/2014 23:51 PM

He wants to live day by day, and hope that one day he'll come to the realization that he can accept what I've done or that he wants to leave entirely.

He asked if it'd be easier for me to be just friends with him for now.

I'm so sorry I put us in this situation. He's sorry he couldn't be who I wanted him to be years ago.

This feels surreal.

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JustWant2BHappy posted 5/20/2014 09:15 AM

Are you living together? Do you have kids? It sounds like maybe he just wants to try to start over? Go on dates, start out as friends to see if you can start over again?

timidhope posted 5/20/2014 11:40 AM

We aren't living together or have kids.

thanks for being optimistic, JustWant2behappy his friends ... he never posed that to me before ...i think he seriously wants an amicable out to the relationship

He has never been hurt by any girl as much as by me. He never had to struggle internally so much to be with someone. I get why it's too much to bear.

Aubrie posted 5/20/2014 18:23 PM

DDay is a month ago. I can completely understand his "day by day" logic. He's still numb. He's still in pieces.

He's sorry he couldn't be who I wanted him to be years ago
What does that mean?

timidhope posted 5/20/2014 19:28 PM

My actions have damaged his self esteem immensely. I think he's also trying to acknowledge how I felt and what i asked of him prior to having the affair.

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