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Response suggestions to xwh not exercising parenting time

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stronger than he posted 5/20/2014 16:12 PM

Decree states xwh has parenting time EOW, and one evening per week. He rarely (as in four times in a year) exercises his right to the mid-week evening. I received a text from him today that he has “just been informed” he needs to work this weekend (his parenting time).
In the past, when I’ve received messages such as this from xwh I either kept the boys myself (I cherish my time with them), or (in one instance) told him (truthfully) that I too needed to work. In the latter case, he managed to miraculously switch his work schedule to parent the kids. He’s also, in the 11 months since our split, requested alterations on several occasions to the parenting schedule, which I have accommodated. I’ve requested one alteration, which xwh accommodated.
I should add that things have been somewhat amicable since the split and divorce, and of course I’d like to keep it that way.
I should add, the boys (ages 12-SN, and 7) have never had a sitter other than my mother.
This weekend, for a variety of reasons, I need a break from my boys. Any suggestions on how I may word my response so as to not poke the beast, without stating that I need a break from my own kids?

hexed posted 5/20/2014 16:32 PM

"I have other obligations this weekend. Please inform me of who will be watching the children"

devistatedmom posted 5/20/2014 23:20 PM

Yep, go with what hexed said. It drives me nuts that they don't feel they need to put in the time with the kids, but get to show up at the big events to show what a good parent they are. Look how good they turned out! It wasn't because of you, dork!

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