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Things to know about life

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wifehad5 posted 5/20/2014 17:31 PM

jo2love posted 5/20/2014 17:41 PM

Love it! So true!

sisoon posted 5/20/2014 17:43 PM

This makes me , because it's so true and simple.

It also makes me laugh because it's a happy trigger for me - the first time my parents and ILs2B got together, after W2B & I were engaged, my future FIL asked if I wanted to discuss wedding plans. I hadn't expected the question (yeah, I was clueless), so just blurted out, 'No!'

The conversation moved on to other topics....

[This message edited by sisoon at 5:43 PM, May 20th (Tuesday)]

Ostrich80 posted 5/21/2014 00:00 AM

Still working on this one

Allornothing posted 5/21/2014 03:08 AM

I've just gotta say, it's my favourite sentence!

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