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suckstobeme posted 5/20/2014 19:49 PM

Can anyone comment? It sounds awesome and I really want to start eating cleaner. I've read some reviews and a friend at work has one. The pros are that it grinds like a mofo and seems to work well. The cons I've seen are that it can leak, can break easily, and customer service is a nightmare.

What say you??

nolight posted 5/21/2014 20:01 PM

I'd put it into the "Can't live without" category! I love mine and it has made a huge difference to my ability to eat clean.

Mommato4 posted 5/22/2014 19:50 PM

Love mine. Kids use it too for making smoothies.

I have not used the other blade yet.

rachelc posted 5/23/2014 06:02 AM

I got this for Christmas, thinking i would use it occasionally and it turns out I use it almost every day. hubby even makes ice cream malts in it. The blade is strong and fast.
Got one for DS's graduation from college. He was beside himself.

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