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Coming here.. giving him crickets

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FaithnMe posted 5/21/2014 15:10 PM

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Its taking everything in me right now to not just starting screaming at work. I get a call from my step sons mother (building a relationship with her to keep one with him) about my DD's birthday friday. I plan to pick him up from school so he can spend some time with his sister. She calls to state that my step son told her his daddy & OW are picking him up from school to do something fun with him that day. I have yet to hear from him in regards to our DD's birthday and him spending time with her. But he is planning on spending her whole bday with OW, her daughter and his son from baby mama #1 lol. I am just speechless. He is so cruel. I feel like he is trying to wipe me out of his sons life. Ive been apart of it since he was 4 months old. Carried health insurance on him the whole time we were M, took care of him when he was deployed, did everything for that child as if he were my own and now he is trying to put a wedge in that relationship. Im already mourning our marriage, life together, home, our DD not seeing her daddy everyday, and not seeing my step son anymore. How much more can he inflict on me???? This just isnt fair.

StillLivin posted 5/21/2014 15:16 PM

SIT on those hands. Do not call text or anything right now.
It is so hard. I know. Go punch something.
Enjoy DD birthday, and coordinate for DSS to come and spend a different day that he can see her and maybe have cupcakes!
Kids love extra birthdays!
I feel your pain. I really really do. I've raised my two DSS after their bio Mama virtually abandoned them for 10 years.
Now I only have contact with DSS23 and it sucks.
and FTG!!!!!!!

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