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There are no coincidences?

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sunvalley posted 5/21/2014 18:00 PM

I remember someone posting about the universe speaking to you and seeing the sign/message a couple weeks ago. Just to follow up on that discussion, I have had a weird occurrence in my world. The number 22 comes up everywhere. I can't help feeling the universe or whatever is trying to tell me something. It's the day he proposed, our wedding date, our son's bday, Dday, my ex's bday, the day my WS took an OW out of town to an event (he didn't take them out in public much, if ever so it's very painful for me)....and of course none of these events fall on the same day, each month the 22nd represents something either hugely painful or hugely rewarding in my world. I don't get it.

Anyone understand numerology enough to know what it all could mean? Anyone have a similar thing that repeatedly comes and becomes hard to ignore?

tushnurse posted 5/21/2014 18:21 PM

Dont' know anything about numerology, but I do know that there are several numbers in my life that seem to repeat frequently.

Make sure that you make some time for something nice for you tomorrow regardless. Dinner out, a pedi, or massage.

You are worth it.

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