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The throw down that wasn't

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LifeIsTooWeird posted 5/22/2014 10:27 AM

A while back my Fiancé told me that the after he told OW he'd told me, one of her first questions was is she an angry person. His response was she can be. I took offense to that, because I saw it as him protecting her, because I don't consider myself an angry person and it kind of hurt. So I asked him if we ever met and a fight broke out who did he think would throw the first punch, he said me. I told him, no, I wouldn't, I may laugh and duck and she waddles towards me fists balled, but I'd make her throw the first punch.

Anyway, I was replaying that conversation in my head, and I actually think his response to her was an attempt to get her out of his life. I think he thinks we're both on a fairly level field in terms of toughness, that if we were to meet a fight would've been inevitable and bad things would happen. She probably wanted to throw down, and I probably would have ended up throwing the first punch and may have possibly caused serious damage to her. But, you just don't know how these things would've gone down. So, now I think by telling her I'm an angry person, he wasn't insulting me and he wasn't protecting her, he was just trying to scare her away, building me up as this unstable psycho. It doesn't upset me anymore, it makes me feel good actually to think she lies awake at night terrified that lil ol me will come and beat a bitch down.

MovingUpward posted 5/22/2014 11:16 AM

It very well could have been stated that way to scare her off. But I am glad that you are past that comment and it doesn't bother you anymore. Besides it's not a bad think if she lies awake at night with a little fear.

hardtimesinlife posted 5/22/2014 13:15 PM

I may laugh and duck and she waddles towards me fists balled,

That is some funny right there.

I think, sometimes, we tend to read too much into everything they say. Try looking at it this way: What would be a better response? "Only where you are concerned." or "Only when I screw other women". See what I mean? In the aftermath of infidelity there is never a good answer, IMO.

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