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Daughter's car was broken into...

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Mommato4 posted 5/23/2014 02:13 AM

Last night while my girls were at a play at their high school, my oldest daughter's car was broken onto in the parking lot of school. Drivers window was shattered. Very bad thing is she left her wallet in the glove compartment and it was taken. No other cars were messed with. They actually closed the glove compartment too which is weird. Nothing else was messed with or looked through.

I filed a police report, canceled her debit card, and called the Fraud department of the DOL and left a message. I was doing this all around 11pm. That's what worries me the most is that they have our home address now and the potential of identify theft. I disabled my garage door opener in my car just in case. Everything is locked up and have sticks in all doors and windows which I always have. We have an alarm system too.

She's 16. I am so mad at her for leaving her wallet in there. I told her she never should do that ever. I ended up talking to a few teachers that were there too and it has happened about 3-4 times this school year. Just random. They don't have security cameras pointed at this lot by the pool which is actually the staff parking during the school day.

Going to be busy tomorrow talking to the school resource officer to make him aware, insurance, go to the DOL to replace her license and check about getting it flagged incase of identity theft if that's possible. And the credit bureaus in case they try to use it to open anything.

MovingUpward posted 5/23/2014 11:24 AM

How often does she put her wallet in the glove box? Or better yet, does she know of kids that know she does this. Was anything else missing? CDs? change?

I hope that you get everything taken care of today and that you are feeling less scared.

Mommato4 posted 5/23/2014 14:19 PM

She apparently did it often. I did not know this before or I would have been on her to knock it off. Nothing else was disturbed in the car.

I told her someone must have been watching her. It's seems too much of a coincidence. She drives every day to school and always parks in the same area. This time she was in a different parking lot.

So my insurance deductible is $250 and a replacement license is $20. So did not need this bill right now. It's just a car. She is safe and that's all that matters. She definatly learned her lesson the hard way.

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Lucky2HaveMe posted 5/23/2014 16:02 PM

A lot of times glass is covered in full so be sure to check that out. Also, the deductible is connected to your *collision* insurance, and since this wasn't an accident, different dedubtibles may apply.

It sucks that you feel so violated. With any luck whoever did this takes the $ and any credit/debit cards (easily cancelled) and throws the wallet into a mailbox! Hey, it could happen.

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