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Books for Healing

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along8years posted 5/23/2014 12:44 PM

Two books I have found to be especially helpful as we work to rebuild trust are "When Your Lover is a Liar" and "I Love You But I Don't Trust You". They are positive leaning books, but don't sugar coat anything. They were helpful in getting us on the road to collaboration to make this work out, even though we often still end up being adversarial when dealing with all the issues we need to deal with. I read the first on my own (he doesn't know anything about that one, but it has helped me understand that he can be a liar without being a horrible person), and we have read parts of the second together, after I read it myself. I like both the books because they seem to really get how hard this is, yet still offer realistic hope that it is possible to get through it together.

lilylilith posted 8/31/2014 18:47 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm putting in an Amazon book order tonight and will definitely look into these.

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