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A kick into positive?

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Sadjacey posted 5/23/2014 21:31 PM

I'm doing it so hard at the moment. I think I was probably more positive about dealing with this just after DDay. Now I can't seem to kick myself into a positive frame - have you been able to do it? I really need tips if this marriage is going to make it.

jjsr posted 5/23/2014 22:51 PM

that's the rollercoaster of emotions that all BS go thru. Hang on because it will get better and then worse etc for awhile

devasted30 posted 5/24/2014 07:13 AM

Hi. I am about a year ahead of you and while there are better times now they don't last very long before I get all consumed with everything again. Are you still going to IC, MC? Have you talked to your therapist about this? They have ways to help us cope. This roller coaster ride has been going on, for me, for 19 months now and isn't showing any signs of stopping in the near future. They say 3-5 years. Yep, I believe it. Problem is, you are now past the "shock" stage and into the WTF stage. Wish I could tell you tomorrow it will be better but.........
All I can tell you is that eventually the goo days will come more often and the horrible thoughts will slightly weaken. And everyday will get Infinitesimally better.

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