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Having a bit of a moment today..... feeling lonely

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She11ybeanz posted 5/24/2014 10:51 AM

So....just a small whiney moment... all of my friends are busy..... my best friend always seems too busy for me... she makes a lot more money than me and her and her husband are always out and about doing awesome things and traveling and usually are too busy to hang out. My other friends are busy as well.... I am used to having human contact... I am grateful for my time with my daughter of course...and we will go to the park and maybe a bike ride later today. But, I am very extroverted and miss hanging out with friends and having adult time. But, it looks like this weekend I will be solo again. I just feel sad. I know it is what it is...

I guess because its an extended weekend..... it seems more noticable being alone. IDK...

I will stop venting now. Just needed a hug I think...

Time for a nap while the princess sleeps....

sunsetslost posted 5/24/2014 11:18 AM


Angeles85 posted 5/24/2014 11:26 AM

Sorry Shelly. This long wknd is very triggering for me and I'm forcing myself to get up from bed. Ex and I were always going to camping on long wknds and this is the first one without him :(
Just hung in there, enjoy your kids. Virtual hugs for u.

better4me posted 5/24/2014 11:36 AM

I get it. (((Shellybeanz)))

SBB posted 5/24/2014 11:36 AM

I get that way on my weekends without the girls.

Do you know any other single mums in your area? Are there any Meetups you could join or start one of your own?

I learned that I needed to augment my social circle as most of my friends are single and childless - a few are coupled with kids and I never see them because they don't get any non-family down time. I know no-one who is divorced with kids.

I started actively looking for single mum friends to hang out with. I met a few at daycare and at school. We do things with our kids together and we also have monthly Mummies After Dark nights, usually at someone's place.

I had a GF over to share movie night with my girls. We all made dinner together finished with home made chocolate custard with raspberries and then sat down to watch Frozen. She isn't really a kid person but adores my girls. She invited herself as I never think anyone wants to join in on this stuff but she loved it. I think I'll start inviting other friends over. It's easier when the kids are a little older.

(((Shelly))) I don't get lonely - I feel isolated. Being around others in the same boat makes me feel less isolated.

PurpleRose posted 5/24/2014 12:47 PM

My married friends are awesome, but I found that finding "singles"-- especially single parents-- was really helpful. Someone is always up for an activity, a movie, a chat... With kids or without.

Need to find people in the same stage you are in.

nutmegkitty posted 5/24/2014 16:43 PM

Sorry you are feeling lonely Shelly .

Williesmom posted 5/24/2014 17:19 PM


Struggling here too. I have been sleeping a lot recently- a side benefit of depression, and it kills time.

She11ybeanz posted 5/24/2014 20:18 PM

Ya'll are right..... I need to find more single parent friends....I either have single friends with no kids who are too busy with their social lives to hang out with a mom with a child....or married friends with kids who are too busy doing stuff with their family to hang out with me. I inevitably feel left out.

It sucks. It really does. I will have to look around and see what I can find.

Kajem posted 5/25/2014 16:06 PM


Is parents without partners still around? They were a huge help in meeting other single parents.

If you can't find something, why not start a meetup group of single parents? I bet you'd be a great coordinator.

million pieces posted 5/26/2014 06:59 AM

S - When I had my son, I had moved into my house just the week before. I knew no one. At that point, I quit my job and became a SAHM. And my ex at the time would travel for a week, every other week. I was LONELY, bored, going crazy, and feeling very sorry for myself (possible baby blues). I ended up putting up signs in the local community stores for a mom's meet up at one of our neighborhood parks. 11 years later, some of my best friends were met that year. Recently, I can't see a single one of my friends. They are still mostly SAHMs, I work full time, have my kids' schedules and get zero help from my ex when I do have my kids the majority of time. My community has a Facebook page that I've toyed around with the idea of starting a single parent meetup. Maybe you could do something like that?

Brandon808 posted 5/26/2014 07:59 AM

I know what you mean. Feeling pretty lonely myself these days. No kids. Very infrequent contact with my step-daughter. Most of my friends are married so socializing, heck even catching movie together, is difficult.

Kajem posted 5/26/2014 16:29 PM

This popped up on my suggested pages from FB - thought I would put it here as Shelly came to mind.

I know nothing about this site.

Hope it's positive for someone.

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