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I got laid off from my job.

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ruinedandbroken posted 5/24/2014 22:56 PM

I'm a single mom with two mouths to feed and I have no job.

Fuck! What am I going to do?

Pass posted 5/24/2014 23:07 PM

That really sucks. I'm so sorry this is happening to you!

Jrazz posted 5/24/2014 23:34 PM

I'm so sorry, rab. Are you in the states? If so, you need to file for unemployment benefits immediately. I was going to list out all the government agencies I could think of that help, but has an awesome page that lines it up better than I could...

If you're not in the states, let's try to pool minds from your locality and see if we can help somehow. You will get through this. Sending all kinds of strength and hugs.

ButterflyGirl posted 5/25/2014 00:07 AM

I got laid off last year. Luckily, they had a transition set up from the hospital to a service. But then I got an even better offer from another local hospital and worked there 6 months. Buuuuut, things didn't end up working out there at all, and I'm back at the service now.

I tell ya, going through job changes AND the divorce at the same time was hell. I needed consistency. But the best workers are the ones that adapt to changes. You don't have to know how to do everything, just be willing to learn how, and people will teach you.

Sending my prayers and strength! And yes, file immediately for unemployment just in case!

nowiknow23 posted 5/25/2014 00:09 AM

Ugh. I'm so sorry, honey. ((((r&b))))

keptmyword posted 5/25/2014 00:34 AM

I know how you feel. I was going through the divorce while at the same time the company I worked for was falling apart and laying off many. The divorce was finalized and six months later I was layed off.

You must adapt to the situation. File for unemployment benefits and use whatever resources you can to find new employment. Be strong, persistent, and relentless in your job hunt. Show potential employers you are the one who will be there early and be the last to leave.

Persistence with some boldness is key here.

PurpleRose posted 5/25/2014 02:06 AM

You are going to do what needs to be done. Pick yourself up and start again. Those two mouths depend on it... And you will make it!

neverbeokay posted 5/25/2014 08:09 AM

So sorry, that happened to me about 18 months ago and it was terrifying. You do need to apply for unemployment benefits right away, in my state there is a waiting period. If your former employer offers any outplacement assistance, take advantage of that.

Start networking immediately, tell everyone you know that you are looking for a new position, and be very clear on the kind of job you want. People will be willing to help but you have to let them know what position you are searching for.

One thing I would warn against is to wait to start your search for a new job, thinking you could spend the summer with your kids. The longer you wait the harder it is to explain the gap in employment.

Good luck.

tesla posted 5/25/2014 08:42 AM


TrustedHer posted 5/25/2014 09:20 AM

Women's shelters.
St. Vincent dePaul.
In Illinois, the township supervisor can give aid.
Contact your church (or any church) for a list of resources.
Local food bank.

Definitely unemployment, ASAP.

And update your resume and begin your job search now.

teeghan posted 5/25/2014 17:34 PM

I want to tell you something that I did and it HELPED me greatly.

I went to craigslist and I replied to ads that I qualified for. I put in the email that I was a single mom, I was in a shelter, but had childcare, and a car and I was a hard worker. I asked that they take a chance on a hard worker that will be a great asset to their company.

I laid it all out on the line. While i know your not in a shelter, you can say your a single mom to two kids, and that you are a hard worker who just needs someone to give them a chance. I had 8 calls the next day and landed a wonderful job that was actually with a few folks there I use to work for that was surprsing to see when I walked in.

I will keep you in my prayers. Apply for foodstamps, unemployment, seek any help you can that offers assistance.

GingerAle posted 5/26/2014 10:39 AM


GabyBaby posted 5/26/2014 12:37 PM

I'm so sorry Ruinedandbroken!

I also know how you feel. I'd just kicked XWH out for the last time. He'd just about to signed a lease at his new apartment when I got notice that I was laid off. It took everything in me to not beg him to stay so that the kids and I had his income to pay the bills.

Please file for unemployment immediately.
Your new full time job is to look for another job. Here's hoping you find something VERY soon.

((( ruined and kiddos )))

ruinedandbroken posted 5/26/2014 20:47 PM

I am in the United States. I have applied for unemployment but it will be about 1/5th of my salary. I will apply for assistance too. I'm not sure if that will cover the bills though. I am so scared. I have never been out of work. Ever.

hexed posted 5/27/2014 07:56 AM

This is a material change in circumstances. Can you apply for a CS modification? In some states you can just call your local support enforcement office and they can handle it w/o going back to an attorney.

lots of good thoughts for you!


SadInNC posted 5/27/2014 13:14 PM

I'm really sorry to hear this. You will find a job soon but in the meantime, get the unemployment and food stamps. I feel trapped in my marriage right now due to finances.

Wish you the best and try to stay optimistic. That can be the hardest thing. You can do this!

ruinedandbroken posted 5/27/2014 19:04 PM

I am having the hardest time keeping my spirits up. :( If I didn't feel like my future was uncertain before, I sure do now.

I feel like a total failure in every way shape and form right now.

neverbeokay posted 5/27/2014 19:21 PM

I know from experience that getting laid off does a number on your self esteem. Please know that this happens to all kinds of very talented and capable people, it's just the way of the corporate world. You are not your job! You are a terrific person, mom, and yes, worker but for reasons you had nothing to do with your firm had to downside and you were in the crossfire.

hexed posted 5/27/2014 19:32 PM


It feels awful. Don't let it get to you too much. Getting laid off isn't a reflection of you, your value or your talent. It is the scariest feeling when its just you.

I got laid off 3 days after I signed the lease on my own place after leaving my X. I was terrified. Things started to fall in to place but it took a lot. You will find a way. Have faith in you.

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