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rachelc posted 5/26/2014 17:40 PM

DS called me last night - said he went to Urgent Care for what he thought was strep throat. He then called me 30 minutes later devastated. He has herpes. Contracted I don't know. They gave him heavy antibiotics.
The only girl he's dating - a girl who's pregnant - not his kid! He's kind of a school of hard knocks kid, not sure why. And, we want to be supportive but... how do people get this?
We don't even know what to say to him but take care of yourself. He's 26. Lives 2000 miles away. spent 3 years in active army and 13 months of that fighting in Afghanistan. so, I wish life was being a little nicer to him, especially on a day like today....

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LydiaE posted 5/26/2014 20:03 PM

Herpes simplex I or II?

Either way, it is a virus and they should not have given him antibiotics, especially heavy ones! They should have prescribed an antiviral, like Zovirax. Are there herpes lesions in his throat? Lemon balm works well for the oral blisters.

Something like Maalox could help numb and protect the area.

He should be tested for all STDs. The throat infection could be caused by a sexually transmitted bacteria, and they need specific antibiotics.

I hope he feels better. First outbreaks can be painful and cause a lot of viral symptoms.

purplejacket4 posted 5/26/2014 23:05 PM

When someone has a primary herpes infection on their mouth, tongue and tonsils it can mimic a tonsillitis. He should have been given an antiviral (acyclovir, famvir, or valetrex). You could give an antibiotic if a secondary bacterial infection is suspected.

You cannot diagnosis herpes I from II clinically. It would take a culture or PCR test and several days. Getting herpes from kissing, eating after someone, giving oral sex etc. doesn't mean cheating. Even getting genital herpes doesn't necessarily mean cheating.

tushnurse posted 5/27/2014 15:04 PM

What PJ said, and what Lydia said.

Personally I would take the UC (urgent care) diagnosis with a grain of salt, because those guys are just trying to treat the cause and get you out the door.

He absolutely needs to f/u with a PCP, and have a full gamut of STD testing, but I say anyone who is sexually active with more than one partner should be tested regularly. If you know what you got and how it's spread it's a lot easier to not spread it.

I also know that mouth lesions and throat lesions can be misdiagnosed from even good PCP's. I personally went through this, with a VERY painful mouth lesion that comes and goes, was diagnosed as a burn, a herpatic lesion, possible oral cancer, cankers, and finally the correct diagnosis.....and why it was so freaking painful.....Shingles. Yup I get shingle lesions in my mouth. They come and go, and I usually get an outbreak when I have been sick, or had some major stressor. Makes the trigeminal nerve path on that side scream with pain.

Have him get some teeth medicine and apply to the spots with a q tip to numb them up. Gargle with salt water solution, and then use a teaspoon of honey after. It will clean and sooth.

If it is a herpes thing he could have picked it up when he was a kid even. Herpes is very very very common anymore. If he gets cold sores, he has it.

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