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using family in lies

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RiseAbove22 posted 5/26/2014 20:30 PM

my ex girlfriend during most of her cheating would always use her family as an excuse that she was doing things with them,
but when it really got bad towards the end of our relationship this
past winter she started making up disturbing lies like a family member was beaten and injured and needed to go take them to the ER…..what kind of a twisted mind chooses their own family to use as a pawn in their games? saying their lives are in danger etc to stay gone all night??? have any of you had similar stories where the ex made up horrific stories such as these? if she can throw her own family under the bus then she can never be trusted by anyone!

justjim posted 5/26/2014 20:36 PM

My STBX used the story that she was going home (70 miles away) every weekend from Friday to Sunday night to help take care of her poor blind Daddy

Her Mom came down with cancer and died in two months. (Karma?)

I found out later that she was only going over to her parent's house for an hour or so on the weekends. The rest of the weekend she was shacked up with the OM.

Ostrich80 posted 5/27/2014 02:51 AM

Oh boy, I always cringe when people lie about family mishaps. I never would even say my kid was,sick to ditch work for a day, when I was employed, was always afraid it would happen. That's a special kind of f**kd up to use her family but not surprising when a,ws is trying to escape to hook up with AP.

stunnedmullet posted 5/27/2014 02:52 AM

My WH used taking the boys to a museum in a different city as a way to spend the day with OW playing happy family with two of my kids.

It makes me I'll to know that

Ostrich80 posted 5/27/2014 03:55 AM

Omgosh Stunned...such a chicken shit move. I'm pissed off just reading this.

RiseAbove22 posted 5/27/2014 14:24 PM

yea she's a special kind of mental.
I've never seen tactics nor such a drastic change in a person i thought i knew so well. its scares me….
I'm sure there are some more people on here that have some crazy stories……chime in peeps….

RiseAbove22 posted 5/27/2014 23:58 PM

also a lot of the time she would use work or school out of town as lies to be with someone else,she used these things cause they seemed to be important. using your family and saying they are hurt etc is very nuts and is betrayal to your family as well.

RiseAbove22 posted 6/1/2014 13:51 PM

anyone have anymore stories,advice etc?

Hope2B posted 6/1/2014 14:25 PM

I worked with a low life pathological liar before she transferred out, and one of the whoppers she told us all was that one of her parents had cancer and she had to take off work frequently to help with doctor appts etc. I have no clue if she was involved in an A or not.

Anyway, our dept sent a Thinking of You card to the one parent who had cancer, and expressed our best wishes and said we'd keep them in our prayers. We actually mentioned that we were sorry to hear of the cancer diagnosis.

The day after her parents received the card, the pathological liar came in, fit to be tied, angry and steaming, and curt and with a nasty attitude. We found out she was lying about one of her parents having cancer, but what could she say? That she lied about it so she could have time off to do whatever?

She was, and probably still is, a nasty piece of work.

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