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movingforward777 posted 5/26/2014 23:25 PM

I have been plagued with an outbreak of shingles. This past week has been uncomfortable to say the least, and I can't wait until they finish drying up and go away!
To add insult to injury I also came out with chicken pox spots all over my body. I know they are the same virus, but it's not much fun either to have them at 54 yrs of age. My Dr put me on the antiviral, and it has helped somewhat, but not a pleasant experience to go through.
I have tried a couple of different lotions to dry them up....the Calamine has done the trick for the chicken pox, but not the shingles...
I also broke out in a viral rash in the same area of the shingles.....
I've had enough!!!! Anyone have any suggestions other than patience? As a nurse I have seen many of my patients go through this, but now I have a whole new sympathy for them....

h0peless posted 5/26/2014 23:27 PM

You have my sympathy. I had an outbreak start about a week into my trip to Italy this past winter and I didn't get the blue horse pills until I got back to the States. It was miserable.

movingforward777 posted 5/26/2014 23:34 PM

Yes they are "blue horse pills" but if it shortens the length of time I have to suffer through this I was game for anything!
What I didn't say was they broke out at the top of my inner thigh close to my butt cheek and other lady bits
When I say they are a pain in the ass I mean it...I have had to live "commando" for the past week because undies irritated the hell out of it...My daughter joked that "perhaps now you will wear a thong"....NOT!!!
I finally tried a pair of undies yesterday for the first time when we went out and I put on shorts because it was so hot...I didn't want "bits" hanging
Had to take them off again and put on my sloppy, size too big sweat pants when we got home again....
Thank God I don't have to work for a bit....don't think I could do this at work......

woundedby2 posted 5/26/2014 23:59 PM


I had Shingles about 10 years ago. It's a pain that people don't "get" until they've experienced it themselves. Mine was around the bra line. The rash didn't look like much, but it felt like daggers going deep into me.

I hope you are feeling better very soon.

Losttransport posted 5/27/2014 00:00 AM

When my husband had shingles, a neighbor of ours who was a little old lady, told him to dab the spots with listerine mouthwash to dry them up. It seemed to help him. I hope you feel better soon!

purplejacket4 posted 5/27/2014 00:03 AM

That truly sucks.

Please ask your doctor about the shingles vaccination to avoid this in the future.

tushnurse posted 5/27/2014 07:36 AM


It is a horrible thing. Anyone who tells you otherwise has not personally been through it.

Yes it can be horrifically painful.

I would suggest warm oatmeal baths, and standing with your effected parts in front of a box a fan to get things good an dry.
I would also try my "at home magic cream" go get some A&D ointment, and some Cortisone ointment (sometimes you can find it with a numbing agent too), mix the two together on a paper plate, and slather on thickly. The steroids will help to calm the itchy/painful stuff, and A&D will give the surface cells what they need to start really healing. Now it's going to be an oily slimy mess, so I would say use an old pair of scrubs, and an old towel to lay on in bed, and do this before bed. The difference in the morning will be remarkable. Or at least it was for me.

The antiviral usually does a good job of stopping the nerve pain, but it just takes time for the lesions to heal.

(((and strength)))

movingforward777 posted 5/28/2014 11:16 AM

Thank you for all the kind suggestions and support. They are slowly drying up. I went and spoke to the pharmacist yesterday and between us we came up with the idea of using Zinc cream (like used for diaper rash). I started it yesterday and after 3 applications the difference is is a bit messy so I bought some large "bandaid" type patches to cover it so I can at least put on some undies and shorts to go out. I have been living "commando" for a while now and at home it works fine, but not when you have to go out.
The antiviral did seem to help the nerve pain, as the burning sensation has almost stopped.
I had been thinking about getting the Shingles Vac because in my line of work (nurse) I see lots of people with them. I have always felt sorry for them because of the messy lesions and pain they suffered, but now have a whole new understanding of it.
I will speak with my Dr when I get to the other side of this and see if I can get the Vac....don't EVER want to go through this again!!
Again, thanks for all the support...something SI has always been amazing matter what is going on....HUGS

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