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Learnings from the dating world.....

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fireproof posted 5/27/2014 22:22 PM

Reading all these posts on dating I thought this might help and I am hoping other people chime in:

1. Stepping from a long term marriage/relationship the comfortable feeling of closeness can trick our brains so almost mentally holding back and taking time to see the actual person not jumping in

2. Unlike when you are younger and building a life and being naive - dating now is a bit more complicated because both people are adults, some with kids, life long careers, established friends, set ways, etc.

3. Patience- having the emotional energy to navigate a healthy and strong relationship. Wonderful times are positive but having that extra bit to care to grow the relationship and internally grow.

4. Having fun and knowing we are strong enough to survive a breakup if we or someone else ends the relationship and it is all a learning process to end up with the best person suited for us.

5. Say No to drama and mental flips to date someone. Overall it should be two people working together.

6. Just because everyone had a dating sort of experience trust your inner gut and listen. Sit on things and weigh the options but make the best choice for you because no one is living your life but you.

7. Don't compromise in your core beliefs because the right person wouldn't want you to.

8. Too soon no matter how great isn't always a good sign even if we are given it

9. Being happy and if not being honest and discussing changes in the dynamic of the relationship.

10. Letting go/ letting things happen

11. The excitement of dating and the opportunity to meet interesting people.

12. Dating is a choice and there are plenty of happy people that don't and are perfectly content!

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