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Good Infidelity Therapist/s in SF East Bay Area?

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WaywardInHayward posted 5/29/2014 18:31 PM

Maybe this isn't the appropriate place to ask this... if so, my sincere apologies.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good marriage counselor for dealing with infidelity in the San Francisco East Bay Area? General Bay Area is okay too, but East Bay preferred. Big plus if they take Blue Shield HMO.

My wife and I have come across a lot of "just okay" counselors in general, and very NOT okay when it comes to understanding infidelity at a level that most people here at SI do.

Anyone else have that kind of trouble?

Are there good questions to ask to weed out the ones who really don't get it?

Any advice/input welcome.


Deeply Scared posted 5/29/2014 18:50 PM

Please look into the Find A Local Counselor to the left in the yellow box to see if one is listed in your area.

WaywardInHayward posted 5/29/2014 18:53 PM

Yes, I did that first. Only two listed and far away... was hoping someone may have a more local contact. Thanks!

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