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50 Cent is My Life Coach

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cayc posted 6/1/2014 06:31 AM

This is an interview with 50 Cent in GQ magazine. I'm posting it for the first few paragraphs where 50 Cent recommends making a vision board and then comparing your vision board with your partner to prompt conversations about who you are and how you want your relationship to be.

The rest of the article is interesting too, but the idea of the vision board really grabbed me for some reason.

persevere posted 6/2/2014 20:51 PM

That's pretty cool. I've read about doing vision boards from magazines, but never thought about an electronic one. I save stuff from FB all the time, so I may already have one and didn't realize it.

MovingUpward posted 6/2/2014 20:55 PM

The vision board sounds cool. However don't make him your pitching coach if you pick up baseball.

cayc posted 6/3/2014 10:46 AM

I just thought it was a really interesting idea in terms of prompting discussion among couples. Pictures can be evocative and demonstrate feelings and wishes in ways that words can't. If I ever find myself in a relationship again, I'm going to try this idea out.

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