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Knowing what love is.

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K Phantom posted 6/1/2014 08:35 AM

is that a curse or a blessing?

Losconang15 posted 6/1/2014 09:05 AM

Feels like both to me sometimes.

Williesmom posted 6/1/2014 13:30 PM

It's a blessing. I know what it is, and I know that it's out there. I also know that I am worthy of receiving it, and that I'm capable of giving it.

K Phantom posted 6/1/2014 13:44 PM

If you know the difference then how can you settle for anything less? I've done some dating and seems to me that women only want you for what you can do for them. Not for who you are inside. Maybe this is just a MLC im going through but i just don't understand.

TrulySad posted 6/1/2014 15:34 PM

I hope I'm not living in a fantasy world when I still say love is a blessing and a gift. I'm 47, and in all three of my long term relationships, they've cheated. I don't believe it's love that's the curse. They weren't loving me when they did those things. I believe the curse lays within the one who does the crime.

I promise you, there are many women out there who aren't thinking about anything other than who you are as a man, and sadly...will you do right by them.

Vulcanized posted 6/1/2014 16:03 PM


Good to know that I know how precious it is. Painful at times, yes. However, I know I'm capable of giving it, receiving it and recognizing it.

I'm pretty sure that I'm never going to destroy love b/c I found a shiny turd & mistakenly thought it was a diamond.

My HX, on the other hand ....

jendo posted 6/1/2014 16:29 PM

Eight weeks post dday and as crazy as it sounds I think I'm finally feeling what love is. I know I've been in love with my husband before but nothing like almost losing everything to wake your relationship up. It's crazy, but now that the fog is truly gone my husband is absolutely pouring love upon me every day in a way he never has. Doesn't excuse his poor choices of course. But his life had been an out of control mess for years and finally he is facing it and gaining control.

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Didact posted 6/1/2014 17:06 PM

To me, both

It is a blessing I hadn't known, until the A woke part of me up. I believe I could have become this way without the A, but I can't change what happened.

The curse is that I now see what can be lost if R fails, and it terrifies me (though not enough to not do it right).

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