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Sharing his Titanic "wood"

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LostMyPrince posted 6/1/2014 23:22 PM

WH is working out of state and spends alot of time on FB. Well, tonight I notice he took one of those stupid quizes and posted it on FB. The quiz was which character you would be in the movie Titanic. He got Jack Dawson, so some woman who he knew in HS and is friends with on FB posts that she got Rose and would share her floating wood with him. He then responds with, " I would share my wood with you too." Then next post he says, "Oooops....."
So me being me, I like both of his comments and leave this comment, " Wow! That wood sure gets around...but be careful, wood tends to get soft floating in cold water."
I mean I am so beyond caring it doesn't even phase me...but the sheer stupidity boggles the mind his page is public, so all of his family can even see it...
Anyway, I thought some of you ladies might get a chuckle out of it !!

LostMyPrince posted 6/1/2014 23:26 PM

Oh and in case you are wondering what his reaction to my comment was, he hasn't even seen it will be there to greet him first thing in the morning...... Then I am sure all comments will be erased

mychild posted 6/2/2014 04:24 AM

(Lost my prince)

I'm sorry you are going thru this - even on facebook.

He really shouldn't have face book. How ridiculous of him. A grown man who is a cheater acting like a teenage hormone filled loon on face book? What an asshat. And I don't get grown men who are connected with high school people. I guess it's just not in my area of understanding. To me, when a man gets married, he should be so beyond high school, unless he actually lives in a small town of 5000 where he went to high school and is working in a job in that same small town and works with some of people from that high school or runs into them at the gas station, or something. What do grown men, married, with or without children, need of face book and old high school "friends"? It's just so girly to me - sorry, sounds so sexist, but I"m not in contact with any high school "friends" on face book, some times I get cards, but that's it, I live over a 1000 miles away from my old high school and never give it much more than a back ward glance in my mind. I'm too busy and to me it's just fishing for trouble. And I don't know any one else who is on face book with old high school buddies either.

I know, I sound like a biatch. I guess being cheated on can help that along a bit. Sorry. Here you are, on facebook and I'm knocking it. I'm not really. It just gives me the creeps when I hear about grown men on facebook. To me, it sounds like trying to find women. I don't get the whole married men on face book thing, sorry, I know it's sounds sexist. Seems that anytime facebook is mentioned, cheating or too much friending is there too.

Again, so sorry. I'm married to an SA too. It sucks. You are so strong.

OakStreet posted 6/2/2014 05:21 AM

Hope he enjoys reading about that Titanic wood!

There could be a whole thread about the incredibly stupid things WH or WW have said or done.

When he finally went full disclosure and was sending me copies of email exchanges with his COW (they are BOTH looking for other jobs), he wrote to her:

"You will be very hard to replace."

Really? I asked him. Of course it will be hard to replace her with another employee who will give you blowjobs!

cantgetup posted 6/2/2014 05:26 AM

It's one thing for a grown man to be in Facebook(I
Personally think ridiculous, but ok--just look around)but to be taking the little tests? My 13 year old daughter won't even do those.

LostMyPrince posted 6/2/2014 07:16 AM

Thank you you can see I have spent the last 20 years of my life with a very special kind of stupid ! Luckily I am finally on my way to seeing his sad ass to the door for the LAST time !!

gonnabe2016 posted 6/2/2014 10:44 AM

So his first response was hugely inappropriate....but the follow-up is the real kicker.
I know very little about maneuvering around on FB, but I'm pretty sure there is the capability to delete posts from your page. Why, if he realized the dumbassery of his 'wood' post, would he not DELETE it instead of following it up with that stupid "oooops" response?

LostMyPrince posted 6/2/2014 11:44 AM

You might well ask that question gonnabe..and yes, you can delete comments on FB very easily and he knows it....he put thought into the first and second response..and he knew EXACTLY what he was I said..he's a very special kind of stupid

..and the comments are all still there..and his dumbass sister even likes it !!!! His whole FOO is screwed up..big time !!

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