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fitbit flex

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Darkness Falls posted 6/2/2014 19:26 PM

Anyone have one? Do you like it? Is it effective in tracking calories and activity level? Is it worth the hundred bucks? Thanks in advance.

phmh posted 6/2/2014 19:50 PM

I just got one last week for a challenge at work.

What do you want it for?

I find it interesting to see how many miles I walk during the normal course of my day.

However, I don't know that it's entirely accurate. I ran 10 miles yesterday (per my GPS, which is quite accurate) and my fitbit flex said it was only 9.1 miles.

It also doesn't track other activity level (like when I bike or do yoga.)

It's also interesting to see what it says about sleep -- it shows me a graph of when I wake up during the night, etc.

It's hard to know if it's worth the $100 for you without knowing your financial situation (will you have to give something up for it?) and what you're trying to do with it.

If money is tight and you're trying to lose weight, I'd say the money would be much better spent buying some free weights and the book "New Rules of Lifting for Women."

But if money's not an issue and you're looking for some kind of motivation and/or are just curious about things, I think it's worth it. I'm glad I bought one.

GabyBaby posted 6/2/2014 19:53 PM

I got one for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.
I love it.

I like using the prior day's numbers to try to push a little further in the current day.
You can also link it with MyFitnessPal (if you use it) which is a big plus for me.

Darkness Falls posted 6/2/2014 20:39 PM

Thanks ladies.

I can afford it without giving anything up; it would just be a luxury purchase. I'd like to use it primarily for calorie tracking. I work a physical job and I'm interested in seeing how much I burn in a day. I use free weights 3x per week plus the activity I get at work, yet I have no idea how much I'm actually burning vs. how much I'm taking in and I'm stalled out as far as fat loss---I'd say I have about 10lbs to lose and they're not budging. (Thanks for the book recommendation, btw, phmh---I'll check that out.)

I'm also curious to see how many miles I walk in a day---I used to use a pedometer but it broke (it was a cheapie given to me by a coworker).

GabysBaby, I do use MyFitnessPal---I didn't know that it links. That's good to know.

purplejacket4 posted 6/2/2014 23:28 PM

I have one and love it. I'm probably down five lbs in a month. I love the sleep portion. I showed it to my residents after our bad call night. Poor young muffins now do shift work (12 hours) while the attendings do 78 hours. It showed that I didn't sleep much! Ha!

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