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Family Matters - geez!

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jrc1963 posted 6/4/2014 15:59 PM

I'm in Michigan visiting my 89 year old grandmother.

My 12.5 year old DS is here with me...

We are doing our best to be considerate guests. Keeping all our junk contained to one room... and keeping clean.

My uncle and his wife came over in the afternoon to visit.

Last night Grandma made dinner... she was trying to make a salad and struggling... She shakes a lot. Uncle's wife just sat there watching her... I stepped in and said "let me do that." and she was so happy.

Then she was dishing up the chili and shaking... Uncle and wife were just sitting there waiting to be served. I hopped up and served the food...

After dinner Uncle and wife sat on their asses. DS popped up and gathered all the dishes and then proceeded to rinse them and load the dishwasher w/out prompting. Uncle and wife sat on their asses!!

That just makes me Uncle and his wife see Grandma all the time because they live in the same town.

Whatever... I guess I can't worry about what they do, I am just darn proud of DS for stepping up and doing what he knew he should do.

This morning I unloaded her dishwasher and put everything away and then washed up all the stray breakfast dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

It doesn't take much to be a good guest!

lieshurt posted 6/4/2014 16:04 PM

Oh heck no. Nobody treats grandma like that.

In my best Southern drawl....we'd be havin' a come to Jesus talk real quick.

jrc1963 posted 6/4/2014 16:22 PM

Lies... I was so mad last night I just kept my mouth shut instead of open wide and insert foot deep...

What I'd like to do is insert a foot up a behind!

My uncle is going on 69 this year and has had several heart attacks...

He's all that's left for my Grandma... My dad passed in 2011 and grandpa almost a year later to the date in 2012... I don't wanna piss him off.

I live 1190 miles away, so obviously I can't be much help on a regular basis.


Deeply Scared posted 6/4/2014 16:43 PM


I'm sorry this is such a struggle.

abbycadabby posted 6/4/2014 16:52 PM

I'm sorry for your grandmother, jrc. But you know what? Your DS stepped up and did the right thing because you modeled considerate behavior.

You're awesome, and so's your DS!!

jo2love posted 6/4/2014 17:55 PM

I'm sorry your grandma is struggling. I'm glad she has you and your DS to help her during your visit.

jrc1963 posted 6/4/2014 18:24 PM

But you know what? Your DS stepped up and did the right thing because you modeled considerate behavior.

Thank you... I'm very proud of him.

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